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You’ll agree with us it can be hard to skip your 420 sessions.

So, what do you do when a drug test is sprung on you by your employer?

Fret about it?

No, you don’t have to!

Thankfully, you can use practical methods to mask THC cannabinoids in your system – and pass that drug test.

In this article, we’ve listed some of these methods, including detox drinks and pills, so you can keep your job while firing up that bong.

Let’s dive right in!

How To Do a Complete THC Detox – 10 Methods

1. THC Detox Drinks – Best THC Detox Overall

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Looking to put your system in the clear zone for that looming drug test? Then you might want to count on detox drinks.

We recommend the Rescue Cleanse Detox Kit for you!

One of the best detox drinks, this THC cleanser detoxifies your system for up to 5 hours, with the first hour registering maximum effectiveness.

Just make sure to pee frequently during this time, and steer clear of food and drinks (except for water).

This detox drink is best taken on an empty tummy. And you want to abstain from unnecessary medications (2 days, at least) before consuming it.

Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink boasts a tasty flavor, which you might want to enhance by refrigerating it, still. It’s suitable for individuals over 200lbs.

2. Lemon Juice & Water – Best Homemade Detox for Weed


One of the best detox drinks for marijuana, lemon juice might help rid your system of THC metabolites, especially when mixed with water.

Water helps dilute the lemon juice while hydrating your body. This further stimulates (frequent) urination, helping flush out the THC toxins, among other waste substances.

Here’s the best way to prepare this detox drink.

  1. Squeeze a lemon (or half of it) into a cup.
  2. Then, add water to the lemon juice.
  3. Et voila! It’s ready for consumption.


Repeat the process for as long you want throughout the day. The idea here is to cleanse your system as much as you can.

Do this in the days preceding your drug test and you might lower the THC levels in your system. Remember to do it on the day of your drug test, too!

3. 3-Day THC Detox Pills – Best Detox Pills for Weed

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Whether you’re looking to cleanse your pee, saliva, or blood from THC toxins, look no further than this 3-Day Detox Kit. Free from fillers and animal products, the natural marijuana detox boasts vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

No harmful ingredients – always a plus!

Included in this kit are detox liquid, dietary fiber, and pre-rid tablets. The detox kit also comes with a whole load of instructions and useful tips which might come in handy for first-time users.

And if, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with the product, feel free to ask for a refund. The manufacturer (Toxin Rid) is happy to return your money.

4. Coffee – Best Homemade THC Detox


A natural diuretic, this detox drink promotes frequent urination, helping rid the body of accumulated THC metabolites.

And because you’ll be losing a significant amount of body fluids, you want to hydrate during this process, which might further encourage your body to flush out more toxins.

Drinking loads of water might compromise your urine’s color, though. To counter it, take vitamin B pills a few days before hitting the lab doors.

They’ll never know!

5. Fake Pee – Best Alternative to THC Detox

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Passing a drug test isn’t tied to detoxification alone. You might want to consider using a fake urine sample, especially if you don’t have time to detox.

We recommend Clear Choice Incognito Belt, which is just synthetic pee affixed to a belt. The artificial piss comes premixed so you don’t have to worry about mixing it. Plus, it includes a heat source and temperature strip.

Clever, right?

The urine mimics organic urine: it smells, foams, and is colored like real human pee. It boasts realistic PH and specific gravity, and it features organic-urine chemical compounds (urea, creatinine, uric acid, etc).

Because this fake pee is attached to a belt, it’s easily dispensable. Wrap the belt around your waist, then release the clip that’s retaining the pee in the bladder bag.

You’re ready to (fake) pee in that cup!

6. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – Best Vinegar Cleanse for Drug Test


Home-remedy aficionados, where are you?

This detox drink might help put your system in the clear zone. Take two teaspoonfuls of ACV daily. Don’t exceed this – it could be harmful to your health.

Make sure to mix this marijuana detox with water, too, as undiluted vinegar is likely to burn the inside of your mouth. You might want to spread out the mixture into 3 doses per day. Just make sure to drink it before meals.

Oh, and steer clear of alcohol while taking this!

7. Cranberry Juice with B Vitamins – Best Clean-Pee Drink


One of the best detox drinks for marijuana, cranberry juice initiates frequent urination, helping to rid your system of toxins fast.

For optimal results, drink cranberry juice with water. Although, a drink with electrolytes (a sports drink, for instance) might be a better alternative to water. That way, you’re likely to pee more while cleansing your system.

Every little thing helps!

Because drinking a lot of water is likely to water down your piss, you might want to take vitamin-B pills to maintain your pee’s color. This will make your urine sample look less suspicious.

8. Drug Tests – Best Way to Gauge the Level of THC Metabolites in Your Body

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Don’t just detox yourself blindly – gauge your toxin levels with a self-test kit. That’s where this TestClear Drug Test Kit might come in handy. It boasts everything you’re going to need for your urine test, including a marijuana vial.


Don’t worry if you’re a first-time user, as this kit boasts detailed instructions. You’ll want to adhere to all of these so you don’t miss a step, which could compromise your test results.

This test kit is safe as you’re not exposed to any corrosive acids. It’s also reliable – it’s developed under forensic-chemist supervision.

In other words, you’re likely going to use the same reagents as forensic chemists.

9. Abstain for 30 Days or More – Best Way to Pass a Piss Test for Weed


It can be hard to do it, especially if you’re a chronic stoner, but abstaining from marijuana might help put your system in the clear zone naturally.

You want to do it for 30 days, or more if you smoke ganja regularly. Meanwhile, if you’re an occasional stoner, just 10 days of abstinence could be enough to rid your system of the existing THC cannabinoids.

We believe in you.

Note – because there’s no way to actually predict the number of days you need to abstain to eliminate ganja from your body, we recommend that you self-test yourself to gauge the progress.

10. Exercise & Sweating – Best Natural Detox for THC


THC is stored in your fat cells – which might explain why working out could help break it down. Exercising boosts your system’s metabolism, helping burn fat (and probably metabolize the cannabinoids) faster. This might help flush out THC from your system.

Another way exercise may come in handy? It helps you sweat!

Yes, as we’re going to see in the subsequent sections, a portion of the THC metabolites leaves the body via sweat. In other words, sweating while working out might help boost THC elimination from your system.

How is THC Stored in the Body?

THC is highly soluble in fat. Consequently, this chemical remnant of weed hides in your fat cells, at least before it’s broken down and released into the bloodstream.

This might explain why it’s unlikely to be metabolized (and subsequently eliminated from your system) faster. That’s especially so if you’re overweight or have a high Body Mass Index (BMI).

Generally, though, if you’re not going to stimulate your system (by cleansing it) to break down THC, this cannabinoid could linger in your system longer.

This leads us to the next question…

How Does THC Leave the Body?

After it’s been successfully metabolized and released into the bloodstream, the cannabinoid is transported to the excretory organs (bowels, kidneys, and skin), where it leaves the body.

Most of it leaves as poop!

Here’s a summary of the whole thing.

  • More than 60% leaves as poop (via the bowels)
  • Up to 30% leaves as urine (via the kidneys)
  • Up to 20% leaves as sweat (via the skin)

How Long Does THC Stay in Your Fat Cells?

The time it takes for THC to stay in the body varies from person to person, at least based on these factors:

The Concentration of THC Smoked

Different modes (and types) of weed boast various THC concentrations, which determines the drug’s potency.

In other words, the more potent the weed, the more it’s likely to stick in your system longer.

You get the point.

How Frequently You smoke
If you fire up the bong every day, THC is going to lurk in your body longer than the occasional stoners.

It’s simple…

Regular smoking leads to a pile-up of THC in your system, making it stay there longer.

Lifestyle & Exercise
Lifestyle plays a role, too.

Stoners who work out regularly are more likely to rid their systems of THC faster than irregular smokers – as we’ve already explained.

In the same vein, if you eat healthy stuff, you’re likely to expel the cannabinoids out of your system faster than the folks who consume endless junk food.

Put down the chips!

How to Cleanse Your System of Weed Fast

While it may be cheaper to want to detox from cannabis naturally, it might not be an easy game, unless you have the luxury of time.

But if you want to tackle the issue faster, you might want to consider using a Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink a few days before the test.

On a side note, if your drug test is an emergency and you probably have no time to detox, then artificial fake pee might be your safest bet.

FAQ – Your Questions Answered

What Is the Best Detox for Marijuana?
While effective marijuana detoxification depends on several factors, including BMI, our THC detox kits may have all it takes to help you pass a drug test.

The Rescue Cleanse Detox, for instance, puts your system in the clear zone within 1 hour of using it. Plus, it’s suitable if you’re overweight (over 200lbs).

Everybody is different.

If you’re unsure of the type of sample (urine, saliva, blood, etc.) they’re going to need at the lab facility, grab the 3-Day Detox Pills. These will cleanse your entire system, from saliva to urine and blood.

Just don’t fail to test yourself (to gauge your THC levels) before hitting the lab doors.

Do Detox Drinks Work for Weed?
Detox drinks work for cannabis – just make sure to follow the instructions to the letter. These detox programs target your body fat, where THC is stored, metabolizing them alongside the cannabinoids.

Detox drinks might not guarantee a 100% clean system, though. This is why it might be prudent to want to grab fake pee as a backup. Synthetic urine affixed to a belt could make for hassle-free dispensation.

It’s crude, but it gets the job done.

How Fast Do Detox Pills Work?
The best pills will get you in the clear zone in less than an hour or two, leaving you clean for up to 6 hours.

Still, most THC detox kits work best when used for more than a day, with most programs lasting up to 10 days.

Does Detox Tea Work for Weed?
Yes, it can help, at least when it comes to helping you pass a drug test. Detox teas are mostly diuretic, increasing your urination frequency while washing out the kidneys. And while this won’t guarantee THC elimination out of your system, it’ll mask the THC in your urine.

That way, the lab technician may not identify the cannabinoids in your sample.

However, detox teas are likely to modify the creatinine in your urine, making it abnormal. This might suggest to the technician you tried to contaminate the urine – probably to cheat the drug test.

Be careful!

Does Alcohol Detox THC?
No, it doesn’t. On the contrary, alcohol boosts the THC levels in your body. If you ingested pot, for instance, then tacked on some alcohol, your THC levels could be higher than with weed alone.

That’s why combining weed with alcohol can be especially dangerous if you’re going to be driving afterward.

How to Detox Drugs out of Your System When Pregnant?
Just to make it clear: yes, you can detox while pregnant. And it’s not just for passing a drug test.

The toxins in your body are unsafe for the fetus – you need to eliminate them. Just be sure to inform your doctor as some detox methods can be harmful during this time.

So, how do you even do it (detox while pregnant)?

You want to do it under the supervision of medics. It’s just that you’re likely to experience symptoms that could compromise your health – as well as the fetus’.

Considering your situation, the medics will also possibly recommend health-friendly detox products.

Bottom Line – Which THC Detox Product Is Best?

After analyzing our top picks, we’ve come to the conclusion that the best THC detox is Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink. It helps metabolize the fat cells faster while eliminating THC from your system.

The first runner-up is the 3-Day THC Detox Pills. This product goes the extra mile: it cleanses your entire system, including, saliva, urine, and blood. What more can you ask for really?

There’s no need to fail a drug test when you can use these THC detox kits to cleanse your body. Even if, for some reason, you don’t have the time to detox, grab a bottle of synthetic pee and pull a fast one.

Good luck!

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