10 hearty dishes for one unseasonable day in St. Louis

Braised beef from the brasserie

There’s no shortage of hearty French fare at Gerard Craft’s delightful Central West End restaurant, but the braised beef has something that just screams snow day. Served with glazed carrots, bacon, and mashed potatoes, it’s grandma’s pot roast with a side of Paris. 4580 Laclede, 314-545-0600.

Shepherd’s Pie from The Scottish Arms

The Scottish Arms is the gold standard for traditional British pub food in St. Louis and the town’s go-to place for shepherd’s pie. The restaurant serves the quintessential dish: a hearty mix of braised minced lamb and roasted root vegetables with whipped potatoes, parmesan and cheddar. On a cold spring day, it will warm you from the inside out. 6 S. Sarah, 314-535-0551.

Bouillabaisse from the West End Bistro

This classic French seafood stew, filled with seafood simmering in a tomato and saffron broth, is the perfect antidote to chills – and there’s no better way to enjoy it than from the hands of expert Chef Kevin Green. 255 Union, 314-875-9400.

Brisket Chili from Salt + Smoke

Salt + Smokes Brisket Chili is so delicious that if you order it in mid-August, apologize for it. Nevertheless, a snow-covered backdrop makes this comfort bowl even more delicious. Multiple locations, 314-727-0200.

Pork Osso Bucco from the Polite Society

A fun game of classic Italian dish, Polite Society pork leg will amaze you that today’s stormy weather gives you a reason to indulge in such a hearty treat. 1923 Park, 314-325-2553.

French onion soup from Herbie

If a steaming bowl of French onion soup is on your snow day (and why not?), What better place to get it than Herbie’s in Clayton. They say the recipe dates back 40 years. 8100 Maryland, 314-769-9595.

Roman Gnocco by Louie

Even in the summer heat, Louie owner Matt McGuire keeps this hearty dish on the menu. This mound of pork ragout coated in semolina, bechamel, and cheese is so perfect that there’s no wrong time to eat it. 706 Demun, 314-300-8188.

Chicken Tikka Masala from the Himalayan Yeti

The four year old South City gem offers a variety of Indian and Nepalese dishes that will warm the soul on a cold day. The smooth taste of the Chicken Tikka Masala is the culinary equivalent of being wrapped in a warm blanket. Creamy and filled with the warmth of masala, this dish is tailor-made for an unexpected slip in spring temperatures. Two locations including 3515 S. Kingshighway, 314-354-8338.

Hebrew hammer from the Nudo House

Order one of Nudo House’s standout ramen bowls and you’ll be set for cold temperatures. However, there is something about the warm, calming comfort of the Hebrew hammer that is especially well-suited for getting through cold days. between the abundant chicken broth and the fermented black garlic, it will transport you to sheer bliss. Multiple locations, 314-274-8046.

Soup dumplings from the private kitchen

Soup Dumplings STL may be closed on Tuesdays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this delightful dish from where it all started: sister restaurant Private Kitchen. The moment you pierce the dumpling and inhale the wonderful, hearty steam you’ll understand why these beauties put Private Kitchen on the menu. 8106 Olive, 314-989-0283.

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