10 spicy dishes in St. Louis

10. Lona’s Little Eats: Spicy tofu wrap

Lona’s Little Eats is a vegetarian’s paradise and offers the rare meat-free appetizer where spices play an important role. Filled with fried rice, smoked vinaigrette and spicy tofu, the dish is popular with both herbivores and carnivores. While it’s not nearly as hot as some of the other dishes on this list, your sinuses will work. 2199 California, 314-925-8938.

9. Three monkeys: fire in the hole

Three Monkeys as we knew them may be closed (for now), but someone there sporadically tosses frozen versions of the popular pizzas to take home and bake themselves. The cheeky name Fire in the Hole has been a trademark for years with sweet and spicy wing sauce, lots of jalapeños, pulled pork, bacon and a three-cheese mixture. Joke from the owners: “We also have plans to bring this pizza back when we’re ready to open it again.” 3153 Morganford, 314-772-9800.

8. Salt + Smoke: Trashed Ribs

The restaurant is so popular with barbecue aficionados in St. Louis that a new location appears to open every few months. If you are looking for a high quality grill with a little heat, the trashed ribs are your go-to. The tenderness of the meat on its own is satisfying enough, but it is the seasoning that really soils out your endorphins and tarnishes you in a Zen-like experience. Several locations.

7. Fire Chicken: Red Chicken Gangjung

What’s in a name Fire Chicken lets you know in two words that you are expecting some heat. The fire chicken itself isn’t even the hottest on the menu. If you’re after the next level of warmth and bold taste, go for the Red Chicken Gangjung. 10200 Page, 314-551-2123.

6. Range of the Baileys: Guaca Flocka Flame

When a restaurant has a flavorful burger on the menu, it’s tradition to lean on the jalapeño to do much of the heavy lifting. Baileys’ range went for something that was literally 100 times hotter. This burger uses a mixture of fried and fresh habañero peppers for its Guaca Flocka Flame burger and bites back. Do yourself a favor and just get yourself one of these juicy shakes to soak your tongue between bites. 920 olive, 314-241-8121.

5. Grace Meat + Three: Rick’s famous spicy fried chicken

The popular restaurant at The Grove opened in 2017 and immediately became an instant source of pride for St. Louisans. It’s a place to visit friends and family to show off the city’s culinary muscles. The spicy version of Rick’s Famous Fried Chicken is already plenty hot, but the “extra hot” off the menu leaves any out-of-tower caller at home. 4270 Manchester, 314-533-2700.

4. St. Louis Wing Company: Death Wish Wings

In general, Rock Hill Restaurant tends to achieve flavor profiles over heat, with one exception: the Death Wish Wings. The spice is the kind that will make your heart race and make your lips swell in pain long after you’re done. For those unforgivingly cold days in St. Louis, the restaurant is happy to add additional habañero and / or ghost pepper upon request. 9816 Manchester, 314-962-9464.

3. Tiny Chef: Nuclear Noodles

The secret / not-so-secret Korean cuisine of St. Louis, tucked away in the atmospherically lit Silver Ballroom, offers a novel spice-level horror aptly named Nuclear Noodles. It’s an incredibly satisfying cheesy pasta dish that might melt your face – but at least it’ll keep you warm. It also serves a significantly less spicy version of the dish. 4701 Morganford, 314-832-9223.

2. Chuck’s Hot Chicken: Chicken sandwich

Chuck’s Hot Chicken shares space with a Cecil Whittaker’s Pizza in Maryland Heights and serves the Level 5 Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Immediately after trying, tears run down my face, my ears are ringing, my teeth seem to be sweating, and I am afraid of moving in the slightest direction. Eating french fries to relieve the pain works just like throwing water on a grease fire. Yes i would eat it again. 11648 Dorsett, 314-209-0700.

1. Pearl Café: Hot challenge

If you want to forget what month is for a few days, this might be the remedy. Florissant restaurant uses the standard 1 to 5 spiciness scale used in many other Thai restaurants. However, you can go up to 100 from the menu. There are spice level checkpoints that you need to reach (and do without signed) before the restaurant lets you jump straight into the volcano. 8416 N. Lindbergh, 314-831-7301.

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