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Five ways that roofing can help Lower the temperature in your home.

Jun 22


People who reside in hot climates like to share their weather reports and data with those who reside in cooler climates. They are at least in the winter.

However, when summer comes around and their air conditioners fail to keep their temperature cool they aren't as excited about their sunny day. They don't feel as happy about their bright, sunny days.


While you may be quick to blame your old air conditioning unit for the high temperatures in your home However, you may prefer to blame your roof. Find out how cool roof-related products can make you more comfortable.


Five ways roofing can reduce the heat inside your home.

Roof Repair

Your roofing material should not be damaged. This is the initial step to reduce the amount of energy you use. Roofs that are properly installed can block hot air and keep it from getting into your home. Repairs to your roof, like castle pa will improve the look of your home and stop leaks from occurring.

Roof Insulation

Roof insulation is an ideal method to cut down on heating costs during winter. The air pockets are created between two layers of shingles or tiles which stops heat from getting out.


Roof insulation also helps during the summer months as it keeps hot air from getting inside your house. All in all roofing companies in Butler pa can help you in the installation process. Sometimes the Department of Energy may even reimburse you for your cool roofing project.

Color of the Roof

Your roof is the most likely to get heated in hot conditions. It is constantly battling direct sunlight , which raises your roof's temperature.


In your middle school science class you might have been taught that darker hues are more able to absorb heat. Therefore, it is sensible to use that basic knowledge of absorption to choose the color of your roofing material.


White roofs have been shown to decrease cooling expenses by as much as 40% in hot conditions because a white roof is reflective of light. Although a white roof might not be appealing visually but there are a variety of cool roof options that are fashionable and effective. Steadfast Roofing is an expert in this area and can assist you in finding the best solution.

Roof pitch

A roof with a steep slope will last longer and will require less maintenance than a flat roof. In addition, the steeper the roof pitch is, the less heat will enter the home and can boost its energy efficiency. A roofing expert can assist you in determining the best pitch for your roof.

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Cool Roof Coatings

Cool roof coatings are liquid sealants applied on the exterior of your roof. It assists in reflecting sunlight and keep the heat out, resulting in lowered energy costs.


There are several different types of coatings available, including the reflective coatings made of silicone and elastomeric. Both reduce the heat that is absorbed.


Take advantage of these Cool Roof initiatives to boost energy Efficiency

If you're concerned about your electricity bills and would like to learn more about ways to keep your roof cool, make contact with contractors new castle pa. We're glad to talk about how insulation, steep roofs and other cool roof choices will help keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

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