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Things to Do in St Louis, MO

Jun 9

Lying along the west bank of the Mississippi River, St. Louis MO is one of Missouri and the Midwest’s most rewarding places to visit, thanks to its pretty parks and green spaces, thriving arts and culture scene, excellent restaurants and shopping, plus many iconic historic attractions. With a history dating back to the era of French colonization, this bi-state metropolitan area is also home to numerous diverse communities and neighborhoods with their own unique character and charm. Expert roofers near me

Visitors will find a wide variety of things to do in St Louis, from hopping aboard a trolley for an entertaining tour of the city’s architecture and famous landmarks to hunting for vintage-inspired clothing at specialty boutiques and antique stores. Those who love to shop will find plenty of malls and outlets, while foodies can sample regional specialties and international cuisines at eateries ranging from high-end steakhouses to family-friendly diners serving delicious comfort foods.

The oldest attraction in the city is the Old Cathedral, which stands as a major example of the miracles of arguably biblical features that have survived several fires throughout the years. The cathedral remains well cared for and is an enduring landmark that attracts devotees of all faiths to show their devotion. Other important religious institutions include the St. Louis Catholic Diocese and a Buddhist temple. A number of other major monuments stand as reminders of the city’s illustrious past, including the Gateway Arch and the Old Courthouse.

During the American Civil War, industrialization and immigration sparked a population boom in St. Louis, with a large percentage of immigrants coming from Ireland and Germany. The city reached its peak population in 1950, and from then on, it has slowly been losing residents to the suburbs for a combination of reasons that include the ease of commuting by highway and declining city services.

The city’s rich history and culture can be explored at a number of historic sites and museums. Guests can step inside the home of ragtime legend Scott Joplin, discover a world heritage site and ancient civilization at the Cahokia Mounds, and learn about the final resting place of many notable citizens at Bellefontaine Cemetery. The city is also known as a hub for birdwatching, with the Mississippi Flyway supporting migratory species such as the Eurasian tree sparrow and bald eagles.

The city is served by an extensive transportation network, with roads, rail, ships and air routes connecting the city to surrounding communities in Greater St. Louis, national transportation networks and international locations. The city also supports a public transportation system that includes bus and light rail service.

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