53-year-old woman latest victim shot on St. Louis interstate

“It’s a shame a woman was shot while driving. Yes, I pray for her,” said Aaron McCartney.

ST. LOUIS – Saturday afternoon on Interstate 70 near Salisbury Street in north St. Louis looked peaceful and fairly routine.

However, hours before sunrise, investigators said shots had been fired on the busy highway.

According to police, around 3 a.m., someone drove west in a dark SUV next to a 53-year-old woman and shot her several times, hitting the driver in the stomach.

“This is awful. You know we just have to stop the violence,” said Metro East-based Aaron McCartney, who often drives on I-70.

“It’s a shame. It just makes you think that just driving in your car makes you think you’re not safe,” said Aaron McCartney.

“People have to stop all these shots. It’s scary as hell,” said neighbor Dawn Usanga.

Police said a man was seriously injured in February after being shot and killed near I-70 and Riverview Boulevard.

In June, a man was found shot dead after a crash on I-70 near East Grand Avenue.

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In July, one person was killed and another injured in a shooting on I-70 north of downtown St. Louis.

Last month, a teenage boy and girl were shot in the chest on Highway 367 south near Interstate 270.

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“It’s awful. Somebody has to start doing something,” said Dawn Usanga.

Last fall, the Missouri State Highway Patrol deployed more soldiers on Interstates 70, 44, 55, and 64 to help the city fight violent crime.

On Saturday, a spokesman for the Autobahn Police 5 On Your Side failed to reveal whether the plan is still active or whether it has helped catch criminals.

Back on the north side, the investigators don’t know why a shooter shot the driver.

At this point, the police have not released the woman’s name or given us an update on her condition. They say that when she was taken to hospital, the victim’s vital signs were “stable”.

“My feelings go to her. We will pray for her,” said Aaron McCartney.

“I just hope they find, arrest, and most importantly persecute the person who did this to her,” said Dawn Usanga.

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