All St. Louis area task force hospitals ready to vaccinate kids

At the weekly task force meeting, Incident Commander Dr. Alex Garza, hospitals are excited to help children get back to normal activities

ST. LOUIS – All St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force hospitals accept vaccination appointments for children ages 12-15 after Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is approved for use in the age group.

The task force consists of BJC, Mercy, SSM and St. Luke’s Hospital. At the weekly task force meeting, Incident Commander Dr. Alex Garza, hospitals are excited to help children get back to normal activities.

“Children protected from the catch and spread of COVID can return to all of the activities we know are so important at this age,” said Dr. Garza. “It will reduce classroom absenteeism, fewer days missed, exercise, all the things we missed or missed in the last year.”

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Dr. Garza said something to be aware of are other vaccinations your child may need. He said children cannot get another vaccine 14 days before receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, so parents should plan accordingly.

Click on the links below to schedule a vaccine appointment at one of the Task Force hospitals:

“It’s really exciting that with the approval of the Pfizer vaccine for people ages 12-15, we can vaccinate more people in the community,” said Dr. Garza. “But, and there is always a but, we still have a lot to do. There is still a significant segment of the population who is not vaccinated and therefore at risk of serious disability and possible death from a truly completely preventable disease . “

Dr. Garza said the slowed pace of vaccine distribution has increased the time the task force expects to achieve herd immunity in the region.

“We had some initial forecasts for late June, early July, and of course our vaccinations have slowed down since then,” said Dr. Garza. “So these projections will be released later this year.”

Dr. Garza said the task force hoped the new age group would be eligible for the vaccine, and bringing the vaccine into the community with targeted events would help the distribution get back up.

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Dr. Garza encouraged the task force not only to receive vaccine news, but also to see progress on key indicators the task force is tracking.

COVID-19 uptake, community virus prevalence, and the rate of reproduction of the virus have all decreased over the past week. The number of new cases in the last 14 days has decreased by 17.7% compared to the last two weeks.

“We’re on the right track and it’s really exciting to see these metrics go green,” said Dr. Garza.

The following data is the combined numbers of the four major healthcare systems (BJC HealthCare, Mercy, SSM Health, St. Luke’s Hospital) that are part of the May 12th Task Force.

  • The number of new admissions to hospitals (data delayed by two days) rose from 29 yesterday to 30 today.
  • The seven-day moving average for hospital admissions (data two days ago) stayed the same today at 32.
  • The moving average for seven-day hospital stays rose from 214 yesterday to 216 today.
  • The number of inpatient confirmed COVID-positive hospital stays decreased – from 221 yesterday to 211 today.
  • The suspicion of inpatient COVID-positive hospital stays decreased from 29 yesterday to 18 today.
  • The number of confirmed COVID-positive patients in intensive care units rose from 64 yesterday to 65 today.
  • The number of confirmed COVID positive patients on ventilators increased from 31 yesterday to 36 today.
  • The number of COVID deaths rose – from 0 yesterday to 1 today.
  • The seven day moving average for COVID deaths remains the same at 2 today.
  • In all system hospitals, 42 patients were discharged, bringing the cumulative number of discharged COVID-19 patients to 22,022.
  • Today, hospital bed capacity is 82% staffed, an average for our Task Force hospitals. The intensive care units make up 79% of their total bed capacity.

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