Anna Moehn will swim at Penn

ALTON – When she set out to select a college where she would continue her swimming and academic career, Cor Jesu’s Anna Moehn had a laundry list.

And when all was said and done, the Alton resident found the school that had checked off most of the items on that list, Penn.

Moehn, a junior at Cor Jesu Academy in St. Louis, made an oral Ivy League commitment at the University of Pennsylvania, where she will join the prestigious Wharton School of Business in the fall of 2022.

Since the end of June 2020, Anna has been communicating with colleges about her swimming programs and her performance. According to NCAA regulations, communication with schools could begin on June 15 after their sophomore year. Since then, Moehn has been busy with virtual recruiting. Due to the pandemic, the NCAA schools have suspended all personal recruiting.

“I just felt right,” said Moehn of a visit she made to Penn campus during the spring break. “I can see myself there. It has a homely feel to it. “

And she likes swimming coach Mike Schnur. She has not yet met him in person because of the NCAA’s recruitment regulations. But she spoke to him many times.

“I got in touch online and it started with that,” said Moehn. “Recruitment has been so varied since the pandemic started.”

Alton’s Anna Moehn, a junior at Cor Jesu Academy in St. Louis, committed to swimming at the University of Pennsylvania.

Cor Jesu file

And there’s obviously an extra box on their list to look for humor.

“I like the atmosphere that Schnur created there,” said Moehn. “Besides, he’s pretty funny.”

Moehn, who swam for Cor Jesu, won two state championships in the 200 and 500 yard freestyle at the Missouri Class 1 State Championships at the Rec-Plex in St. Peters in February. She also swam on the 200 and 400 freestyle relays, which had two state titles. She helped Cor Jesu win his first team state championship.

Moehn, who swims for the Clayton Shaw Park Tideriders in St. Louis, began her swimming career as a teenager with the Summers Port Sharks and Godfrey’s Tri City Area Tidalwaves swim teams. She moved the CSP earlier this year.

Moehn said it was difficult to reduce the number of schools they were considering and the final decision would be even more difficult. Other schools on their original list were the University of Illinois and Rice University in Houston.

“I narrowed it down to Penn, Columbia and Harvard,” she said. “I leaned towards this part of the country and the Ivy League academics.

“You have men and women swimming too, and I wanted to go to a program with both of them.”

Illinois and Rice only have women’s swimming teams each.

Most recently, Moehn was employed by the Spring Sectionals of Region VIII in Oklahoma in mid-March. She swam for the Tideriders, took first place in the 400-meter freestyle and came third in the race for the overall highlights. She also had three third places and two other top 10 spots.

Moehn won the 400 freestyle in a time of 4: 25.65. In the 400 medley, Moehn finished third with a time of 5:07. She was third in the 200m freestyle, she was third in a time of 2: 06.43.

She was also third in the 200-meter butterfly in a time of 2: 21.65, sixth in the 100-meter freestyle in 58.65 seconds and seventh in the 200-individual medley in a time of 2: 24.65.

Moehn was also represented in two CSP relay teams, which took second place in the 800-meter freestyle relay and fourth in the 400-meter medley relay. Once again, their efforts helped the team, this time CSP, win its first team title.

“It feels good to have made the decision,” said Moehn. “Recruitment has been slower due to the pandemic and I’m glad I made my decision.”

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