Around 300 restrooms going gender-neutral in St. Louis County government buildings

CLAYTON, MO – St. Louis County Government Buildings get gender-neutral bathrooms. One of County Executive Dr. The Executive Order signed by Sam Page will turn around 300 toilets with a stall into a place anyone can go. The signs for each facility will now read “Toilet”.

“Employees and community members, including those who are gender, gender, non-binary, transgender, or cisgender, deserve to be respected regardless of gender identity or expression,” writes County Executive Page.

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The binary gender system can exclude some people according to the executive order. This includes St. Louis County employees and other community members.

Councilor Lisa Clancy requested that the individual cabins be changed.

“This is an important step in ensuring that transgender and non-binary people feel validated and welcome as they navigate and work in the district government buildings,” Councilor Clancy writes.

The toilets are all in non-public areas.

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