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Bars mean drinking (unless the words “tapas” or “sushi” are added), but most of these establishments also serve food. The cynical view is that bars offer things to eat – sometimes for free (although peanuts at the bar and the like have all but disappeared in these coronavirus times) – not for gastronomic reasons or concern about the nutrition of their customers, but because bar -Eating, which is usually salty and encourages diners to drink more freely.

However, bars are increasingly taking pride in their food. That doesn’t mean it’s fancy stuff. By definition, bar food is accessible, unpretentious, and not very expensive. Finger food, often fried, is typical. Potatoes are often involved (mostly fries or tots, generously garnished), and nachos and dips are common. The ultimate American bar food, however, could be Buffalo Wings, which are said to have been invented in the 86-year-old Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York. although maybe a bit better in a few other local places today. ((Click here to see the oldest bar in each state that we can visit when this is over.)

24/7 Tempo has compiled a list of bars across the country that serve excellent food. Each location has a specialty listed – possibly the best bar food in each state.

Whether or not standard bar meals like burgers or pizza should be considered is up for debate – but the burger in the father’s office in Culver City, California and the hot oil pizza at the Colony Grill in Stamford, Connecticut take two examples are so iconic and an integral part of the bar experience in these locations that they were included here. So have regional specialties like fried crab claws in Mobile, Alabama; Tempura alligator in Mandeville, Louisiana; and toasted ravioli in St. Louis, Missouri.

Click here to see the best bar food in each state

On this list, you can find meat, seafood, poultry, and vegetables in a variety of forms. Remember, however, that these are foods that are meant to be consumed while throwing back a beer, shot, glass of wine or cocktail or something three, so don’t look for healthier things like soups or salads here. ((Anyway, we’ve identified 48 salads that are worse than a slice of cheese pizza.)

To compile this list, Tempo checked 24/7 the listings of the best bar food outlets that appear on Howl, The daily Meal, Thrillist, and Eat this, not thatas well as numerous state, regional, and local review sites. Most of the bars on this list have been rated by multiple sources as the best bar fare in their respective states.

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