Blue-collar workers in St. Louis among highest paid

ST. LOUIS – St. Louis ranks fourth in the nation among major metros for paying workers, according to a new report.

The median wages for workers in St. Louis is $ 46,615 after adjusting for the cost of living and $ 42,000 unadjusted, according to a study by the Inspection Report Network. For comparison, the median unadjusted wage for all St. Louis workers is $ 50,000.

The median unadjusted wage for workers in the United States is $ 40,000. Wages vary significantly across the country and by occupation. Of all the labor professions, power plant operators, traders and dispatchers have the highest median annual wage at USD 100,000. Locomotive engineers and operators make almost as much with an average annual wage of $ 99,000. Jobs such as taxi drivers and chauffeurs that require lower levels of education and qualification receive the lowest wages.

Of all employees in St. Louis, 32 percent are blue-collar workers, and union membership is 12.5 percent, according to the report.

The major subway with the highest average wage adjusted for cost of living is Pittsburgh at $ 48,701. Among the small markets, Monroe, Michigan is the tallest at $ 61,947. Baton Rouge, Louisiana is the highest among the mid-size markets at $ 55,249.

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