BND, IL, columnist discusses available employment options

I’ve been watching the signs in various stores for a while. It’s kind of a hobby.

It used to be that stores posted fun or inspirational things like classic food here and getting gasoline. But lately, all I see seems to be “Now Hiring” or the more challenging search for new team members.

Everyone is now hiring where I don’t need or want a job. In fact, I’m a bit suspicious when I drive through a couple of fast food restaurants. I have visions of them imposing roadblocks on unsuspecting customers and making them roast burgers, fish or chicken like the British Navy did to squeeze gang sailors.

I even saw a fast food sign recently that said new hires can earn a $ 100 sign-up bonus. I don’t know the rules, but I thought that such services were only available to urgently needed medical professionals.

Fast food franchises offer new employees at least $ 12 an hour on their signs. Some large discount stores offer entry fees of $ 15 an hour. In St. Louis, I saw a billboard saying that asphalt layers could start at $ 20 an hour.

I searched online and the warehouses were looking for pickers for $ 15 an hour. And most of these jobs, including fast food, have perks like health and savings plans.

I heard on the radio that I could get $ 20 an hour to work at a local junkyard.

I made the mistake of looking for employment online and was inundated with job vacancies. Door Dash wants me to drive for them and be my own boss. If I went to work, I would want a better boss than me. Each offers flexible working hours, different work shifts and paid time off. It’s a rat race for employers where everyone has to compete for a shrinking pool of workers. Many are afraid of going out because of COVID-19.

Retirees like me are a prime target for part-time work. I hadn’t retired in a week when a man at the hair salon offered me a part-time job. He said he loved retirees because they always showed up for work.

I know that the other day at the grocery store the woman who picked up my groceries was obviously retired, but a lot livelier than me.

From what I see on the signs, it seems to me very well that the minimum wage of $ 15 an hour that people advocate for is not due to legislation but to competition.

Of course, there is another side to the labor shortage. Companies can learn to do without it.

Self-checkouts are emerging everywhere. There are even self-collection kiosks for deliveries.

My experience in the chain store

I went to a large chain of discount stores the other night, picked up an item, and went to the front registers. Nobody was there but a sign is supposed to call if you need help with self checkout.

I can only assume I was being monitored, but it seemed creepy not to see even a human in sight. I could hear voices so I believe someone was in the store’s pharmacy.

I order things and have them delivered, but I hope the brick and mortar stores don’t go away completely. Sometimes you want it now, not in two or three days, even with free shipping. And people need jobs.

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