Bommarito sons step away from dealership to build new legacy

ST. LOUIS – The Bommarito Automotive Group has become the top automotive group in Missouri over the past 50 years. The name Bommarito is well known in the St. Louis area, and their contributions to the community have far outweighed the number of cars sold.

Beau and Blake Bommarito learned a thing or two about success from their grandfather and dad Frank and John Bommarito. From car sales to NASCAR races, the automotive world has made it possible for her family to invest in the community through sponsorship and event donations. While their brand and legacy continue, Beau and Blake take a step back to make a name for themselves.

The youngest Bommarito boys grabbed their best friends and started a YouTube channel to highlight St. Louis of the talent and athletes, the locations, the food, and the hidden gems that make this town so special while serving the community Giving something back through hands – on the approach.

“Every time we’re on the national news there are a lot of negative things and I think DaGuys can put St. Louis in a very positive light, especially,” said Beau. “I think we have great people, great talent and just great places, and I think DaGuys can really make that stand out through our channel.”

Who are DaGuys? A group of friends who met at CBC High School and banded together to support a common mission: Change what it means to be “This St. Louis”.

Beau and Blake, along with Tommy Moldthan, Jalen Wallington, Parker Cordova and Darrian Bass, create each video with the intention of uniting people across the region. DaGuys all come from different backgrounds and walks of life, but they believe the image of St. Louis is tainted and together they can change the narrative.

“Anyone can be a part of DaGuys, you just have to believe in it. I think it’s important that we as a group show that we can influence the entire community, rather than just one person, ”said Blake Bommarito.

Every event and video they post benefits someone in the community. They present topics, be it collecting donations for a local non-profit organization, clothing for the homeless or food for families in need.

The big question: what does Papa think of Beau and Blake separating from the family business?

“Our brand is 50 years old. We were very successful here [in St. Louis] and that’s our way of giving back – getting involved in the community and these people took it to the next level, ”said John Bommarito.

“I can’t think of a better compliment for the way they were raised than to say, ‘Hey, you know what kind of dad? We will do that. This is our own identity and we will help other people in the church. ‘“

DaGuys would like to work with more local businesses, organizations and creatives. If you are interested in partnering with them and supporting their mission, you can contact them here.

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