Closing arguments in trial of St. Louis officers accused of beating colleague in 2017

ST. LOUIS – The final arguments began Thursday in the trial of three St. Louis police officers who were accused of assaulting an undercover colleague. The case could go to the jury on Friday.

The case revolves around beating undercover detective Luther Hall during a 2017 protest.

The officers on trial for Luther Hall civil rights violations are Dustin Boone, Steve Korte and Christopher Myers. Hall testified that all he could feel that night were boots, fists, and batons, and that it felt like it was going to last forever.

Our news partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that the district attorney had reminded the jury that Boone had admitted in text that he attacked Hall. And when Hall’s cell phone, which recorded part of the incident, was allegedly destroyed by a defendant, it showed a sense of guilt.

Scott Rosenblum, Myers’ attorney, attacked the federal case, saying the investigation was tainted and flawed. He said the evidence shows that witnesses for the prosecution lied.

Korte’s attorney, John Rogers, followed Rosenblum’s lead. He said the case was based on speculation. He added that people said things that are incredible and that are incredible because they are not true.

On Friday morning, the jury will hear the third defense attorney and his final argument, followed by the prosecutor.

The judge gives instructions to the jury and then begins the deliberations.

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