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Campaign Funding and Lobbying Compliance

A former candidate for Congress has applied to the Bundestag Electoral Commission to allow candidates to use campaign funds to pay for their health insurance and to extend their right to campaign funds. (Dave Levinthal, Business Insider)

According to a new ruling by the Bundestag Electoral Commission, members of the Congress are now allowed to employ bodyguards with campaign funds. (Daniel Payne, Politico)

Government ethics and transparency

Missouri: A bill introduced at Missouri House would extend certain ethical rules imposed by lawmakers – including a no gift-giving and two-year post-government lobbying limit – to members of the St. Louis City Council. (Kurt Erikson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Nonprofit Organizations

Ohio: Ohio House is considering a bill requiring political nonprofits and other corporate groups to disclose their donations and expenses to the Ohio Secretary of State, much like political action committees or political candidates do. Among the affected groups are 501 (c) (4) nonprofits. (Andrew J. Tobias,


Georgia: Governor Kemp signed an electoral reform bill that introduced new requirements for identifying voters for postal ballot papers, empowering state officials to take over local electoral bodies, restricting the use of ballot boxes, and making it a crime to turn to voters for them get food and water. (Kelly Mena, Fredreka Schouten, Dianne Gallagher and Pamela Kirkland, CNN)

New Jersey: New Jersey stands ready to dramatically expand ballot box access in the upcoming election and introduce an early personal vote under Bill S3203 awaiting the signature of Governor Phil Murphy. Voters could cast ballot papers at polling stations up to 10 days earlier and on a day that works according to their schedule – including weekends – from November onwards. (Stacey Barchenger,

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