Cool Time-Lapse Video Shows the St. Louis City SC Stadium Construction

Many of us have been locked in our homes for so long that it feels like time has stood still.

However, if you want to prove that the outside world is still spinning and that you can partake in fun events (even crowded events!) In the future, check out this awesome time-lapse video of the new St. Louis City Soccer Club stadium is under construction.

The entire section of Market Street west of Union Station is barely recognizable as bulldozers clear and dig and build a state-of-the-art football stadium.

The structure also seems to be growing by the minute. Some of the bones are already in place, and they only recently started pouring concrete on the lower level.

Posted by St. Louis CITY SC on Wed 3rd Mar 2021

The stadium is slated for completion at the beginning of the Major League Soccer season in 2023. So we have some time to see our new baby grow big and strong.

The St. Louis skyline changes a little every day, bringing new opportunities for fun and hope.

One day you can go to events again. Crowded events. With jubilation. And beer. And hot dogs. And even soccer!

Hold on, St. Louis. (But not with your hands.)

Posted by St. Louis CITY SC on Wed 3rd Mar 2021
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