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Now based in the St. Louis area, Strawberry shares his story of pain, addiction, and how he changed his life

ST. LOUIS – It’s probably safe to say that Darryl Strawberry isn’t exactly a fan favorite among Cardinals fans. Aside from maybe Keith Hernandez, I don’t think any of the ’80s Mets could say that they are particularly “loved” by the St. Louis fan base.

But these days, Strawberry’s home is the St. Louis area of ​​all places. He spoke to Frank Cusumano from 5 On Your Side about his baseball career, his often painful life, overcoming addiction and his new purpose.

So yeah, it’s possible the guy you saw who you was, “That can’t be Darryl Strawberry, can it?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure a lot of people think so. It’s great to be back in Missouri. We went to Florida a bit. And St. Louis is just a wonderful place. I didn’t notice that in mine . ” Match days because we didn’t like when I played with the Mets. The rivalry between Cardinals and Mets was really real. But I’m glad to be back in St. Louis and to live now, “said Strawberry.

And for that rivalry, there was one for every despised St. Louis fan the Mets didn’t like either.

“We loved Willie McGee, he was great. But we didn’t like Tommy Herr. Tommy Herr kept stepping in and out of the box and fixing his helmet and hair, putting on his uniform and I think a lot of people didn’t so, “recalled Strawberry. “I’ve always liked Ozzie, he’s a great guy. I’ve always liked Whitey, he was a great manager. But there were always people over there that we just didn’t like and twisted us in the wrong direction that we just wanted.” beating them every time we face them. “

Strawberry was a three-time World Series Champion, eight-time All-Star, and had 335 homers and 1,000 RBI in his career. But as he has revealed, he struggled with addiction. So could his career really have been better?

“I never look back at ‘It could have been more”. Because my life was broken. I was broken. I played baseball in pain and I think it was pretty incredible to achieve this without being healthy, ” said Strawberry. “If it were the sane me, there probably would have been more. But I can’t look back and say that because my life would change for the better through my darkest nights of my life … of who I was and all about to come to a place and sit here today and be the man I am today, I don’t know if I would be the man I am today if I had a long career and made more money I probably thought that I’d really had it all and never found the love of Jesus in my life. “

Strawberry had a difficult childhood during which he was routinely beaten and verbally abused by his alcoholic father. It got so bad that Strawberry said one night that he and his brother almost killed their father in self-defense.

But at the end of his father’s life, Strawberry visited him and asked his own forgiveness, and the two were closed.

Strawberry writes in his new book “Turn Your Season Around: How God Changes Your Life” about the more difficult times in his life. The book also looks at how his wife, Tracy, helped save his life.

“When we met in Florida, I was still doing drugs. I was shooting drugs and smoking crack. And she knocked on doors in South Florida and pulled me out of drug houses and talked about ‘God has a plan for you’. And I said,” Why don’t you just leave me here and let me die? ”And she said,“ You’re not that lucky. ”So she pulled me out of there and took me to St. Louis,” Strawberry said.

When asked how he would like to be remembered, the former baseball star hoped he wouldn’t be considered just an athlete.

“I want my legacy to be remembered not until baseball, but to become a man of faith who went out and did some great things to help so many people and lead people to Christ,” said Strawberry .

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