‘Dear Lou’ campaign aims to bring the spirit of St. Louis region together

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mon. – It is easy to find faults in the world at times. However, it can be worthwhile to find something noteworthy. And the new Dear Lou campaign, a love letter to the region, will take center stage with your help.

“We want things to get better,” says Chris Krehmeyer, President and CEO of Beyond Housing. “The whole idea of ​​the Dear Lou campaign is to let us know your dreams and wishes for the place where you call St. Louis home. What should it be? What do you think it can be Let’s get excited about things like that and invest in places we haven’t invested in. “

FOX 2 and KPLR 11 are the campaign’s exclusive television partners, focusing on the can-do spirit of St. Louis and the opportunities for Gateway City by addressing the high levels of poverty in underserved communities like the 24 that serve Normandy, approach schools cooperatively.

“When we started a decade ago, some people told us we wanted our housing stock to get better. That’s why we built hundreds of residential units and renovated over a thousand houses, ”says Krehmeyer. “We invested in the built environment here in this part of the city that was having problems. But people also said we didn’t have a grocery store or entertainment, so we built a grocery store and a movie theater. We brought a health facility, bank, and senior building with us. Listen to the voice of the community. “

Beyond Housing, a comprehensive community development organization, has transformed parts of North St. Louis City and County through development, housing, parking, healthcare, and more.

The group that seeks public support to decide what will better serve St. Louis in the future and knows that the only way out for St. Louis is to stand up and do things right.

“It’s up to us,” says Krehmeyer. “The cavalry is not coming. We know these problems exist and have been for some time. We didn’t really address them. If we can come together, we can ensure that the affected life is negatively affected in a way that we can change that. We are planning a 10 year US $ 200 million campaign to continue investing in housing, economic development, education and employment. And we believe that we can do that as a region and we will all win. We’ll all get better. St. Louis is getting better. “

You can submit your ideas at www.onceandforall.org.

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