Domestic Abuse Texting Hotline Now Open in St. Louis

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Safe Connections has served domestic and sexual violence survivors in the St. Louis area for more than 40 years. Now they offer a brand new way for survivors to get information and seek help.

The Safe Connections Crisis Textline (314-531-2003) is up and running, providing employees with another way to get in touch or stay in touch with the organization.

This is a brilliant move for Safe Connections for many reasons. First, it provides a silent way to ask for help when a call is out of the question. And in addition to providing a more covert way for people to seek help, texting could be the only way someone can contact if they are stuck with an abuser.

From the St. Louis public radio:

“When the pandemic first hit, calls to the Safe Connections crisis hotline were down 23% – but not because domestic abuse stopped,” said Jaszmine Parks, who manages the hotline. The decline was most likely due to people being told to stay home and having less time apart from their abusers, Parks said. ”

One line of text messages keeps pace with communication among young people. Not only is text messaging a more convenient way for some younger people to interact, but it also gives deaf people access to life-saving services.

Domestic violence has been on the local news so much lately that St. Louis County Attorney Wesley Bell felt the need for a statement on Roseann McCulley and her two children – 13-year-old Kayden Johnson and six Submit Subject Year old Kaylee Brooks was shot dead in her own home by estranged husband Bobby McCulley III last week.

“The McCulley tragedy didn’t start with a triple homicide. It started with a domestic attack, ”wrote Bell.

If you find yourself in a bad situation and looking for a way out (or if you know someone in a bad situation and want to figure out how to try to help them), Safe Connections is a good place to start. The organization began in 1976 as a hotline for the grassroots domestic violence crisis and is the “longest-running nonprofit with a dual focus on domestic / sexual violence in St. Louis.”

More information about the organization and its services can be found at The hotline is open around the clock for phone calls and the employees answer texts between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays. To call or text the organization, the number is the same: 314-531-2003.

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