DRIVE-IN ST. LOUIS Announces Their 2021 Concert/Movie Schedule

Welcome to the St. Louis drive-in! The St. Louis @ POWERplex drive-in is located at 5555 St Louis Mills Blvd. Hazelwood, Missouri 63042. Their website is HERE

Drive-In St. Louis was launched in May 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and was and is the goal of bringing our community together through a shared experience. Drive-In St. Louis has helped over 4,000 students in the area graduate from high school in a socially distant, safe environment. Drive-In St. Louis has allowed over 60,000 music and movie lovers to come together safely to hear their favorite music and watch movies they enjoy with family and friends.

This year, Drive-In St. Louis promises a lot more with over 20 on-site final exams, 45 concerts and / or movie nights, and 20 private events from May to October. We’re expanding our guest experience with private VIP party pads and parking lots, a hospitality lounge with games like Cornhole, Fowling, and Food Truck Alley with kitchens from the most delicious food trucks in St. Louis.

• 5:30 pm gates open

• The headliner set starts at 7 p.m., the film follows

Here is the lineup:

May 7th – SUPER JAM! With spectacular replicas from artists like Boston, STYX, Journey, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, Sammy Hagar and more! Selected film: Iron Man (2008)

May 14th – Trixie Delight. Take all of your favorite bands from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and now … then have them play your favorite songs, all on one stage, all in one night. This is what audiences visiting Trixie Delight have come to love and expect from their favorite St. Louis cover band. with featured film: Thor Ragnarok

May 15 – Queens Blvd. The 80s are soaring again and it’s nothing but a good time. SEE THESE POP ROCKERS AT DRIVE-IN! with featured film: Captain Marvel

May 27th – Griffin & the Gargoyles. St. Louis’ leading energetic party and dance band! Their extensive playlist and freshness ensure that the crowd keeps coming back! With featured film: Guardians of the Galaxy

May 29th – The 80s band. This 80s band brings back the sound of the 80s pop / rock / new wave era. This 80s band is a fun, energetic replica of the 80s music scene. With recommended film: The Breakfast Club

June 11th – Jeremiah Johnson. Jeremiah Johnson was born and raised in St. Louis. He is the voice of the Mississippi River blues that connects with the struggles of everyday life. With featured film: The Blues Brothers

June 18 – Joe Dirt and The Dirty Boys Band. The best rock and roll band you have ever seen in your life. 70s and 80s classic rock with a few songs from the 60s! W.ith Featured Film: Goodfellas

June 19 – Dr. Zhivegas. Visit the world famous Dr. Zhivegas! Rocking since ’95! Play all of your favorites: Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Pitbull, Queen and David Bowie. With recommended film: Saturday Night Fever

June 25th – Steve Ewing Band. Steve Ewing, facing the pride and joy of St. Louis, The Urge. Steve has spent the past 20 years rocking on stages of all sizes! With the featured film: Star Wars – The Force Awakens

June 26th – Plastic Kings. Attend an energetic rock show with great production and breathtaking songs from the biggest names in rock and pop! With featured film: Raiders of the Lost Ark

July 2nd – Mr. Blue Sky. Mr. Blue Sky brings the magnificence that ELO’s music is. This authentic tribute to the original rock symphonic icons rises on stage! Featured film: King Kong (1976)

July 3 – Sean Canan’s Voodoo Player (Beatles Tribute). Guitarist Sean Canan leads the voodoo players, who create and reinterpret music from a variety of legendary artists and bands. With recommended film: Yesterday

July 9th – bitter pill. Bitter Pill is an established cover band from St. Louis playing people-friendly hits that range from the 70s to contemporary rock and alternative! With featured film: Joe Dirt

July 17th – Groovethang. Groovethang is a seven piece band that became famous playing hits from some of the most popular musical groups, Chicago, Al Green & Steely Dan! With featured film: Mamma Mia

July 23 – Extremely pointless. The best modern rock / metal cover band in St. Louis. Melting faces regularly! Come and see them rock the lot at the drive-in! With featured film: Knives Out

And here are some rules you should know:

To ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience, Drive-In St. Louis encourages you to read our guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in exclusion from parking for no refund.

• St. Louis Drive-Through does not allow anyone to sit in their vehicle for any reason.

• The SPEED LIMITATION in the parking lot is ALWAYS 5 MPH !!! PLEASE watch out for staff, ushers, concessionaires, and security offices who may sit on bicycles or in golf carts

• Management has the right to refuse service / admission to anyone for any reason at any time. These are private shows, and guest safety is of the utmost importance

• There is NO RUNNING or HORSE PLAY on the premises or in the buildings (this includes parking lots, toilets, concession areas, etc.). This is for your safety and the safety of others

• Drive-In St. Louis requests that you keep your car radio audio at an appropriate level so that your family can hear and enjoy it without disturbing others around you

• Drive-In St. Louis prompts you to turn off all lights (inside and outside) after parking safely and move your car to the ALT position to minimize power consumption. If you need air conditioning or heating for a certain period of time, you can start the car for a short time

• Please keep the lights off

• Smoking is not permitted near your vehicle. Please visit the designated smoking areas on site to smoke during the event

• Drive-thru St. Louis requires that you drink responsibly and have a qualified driver. In addition, public poisoning and behavioral disorders are against the law and will not be tolerated. If you drink, do it responsibly. Underage drinking is closely monitored and violators are arrested and prosecuted

• Laser pointers are not permitted at any time. If you’re caught with one, it will be confiscated or everyone in your party will be asked to exit the drive-in

• Do not throw or launch objects on stages, screens, buildings, cars or people. Anyone who throws and launches an object is promptly asked to leave it. Drive-In St. Louis requests that you put all rubbish in the trash bag you provided when you entered

• Drive-In St. Louis requests that you put all rubbish in the garbage bag provided upon entry and take it with you on departure. Either take the bag with you on departure or throw it in the trash can. This is for the safety of the staff and is used to keep the drive-in free of dirt

• Drive-In St. Louis IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for motor vehicle accidents

• Drive-In St. Louis IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage to vehicles or personal property

• Drive-In St. Louis is NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost or stolen items, including money and personal property

• Drive-In St. Louis IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for medical injuries or accidents

• All paying customers and attendees know that any major event involves personal risks and accept those risks when purchasing a ticket and entering any of the St. Louis drive-in concerts and movies

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