Ex-St. Louis Cop Wants Prosecutors Sanctioned for Revealing Racist Texts

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  • Ex-St. Louis policeman Dustin Boone is struggling to hide his texts from the public.

A former St. Louis police officer prosecuted for beating a black undercover detective has asked a judge to sanction federal prosecutors for disclosing text messages using the N word freely to brag, People Send to hospital and hold length conversations with other police officers about prescription drug use.

U.S. Attorney General’s Office previously published a series of texts sent and received by former police officer Dustin Boone and other police officers accused of assaulting the St. Louis Police Department. Luther Hall in 2017 after being mistaken for a protester – but those messages were not publicly disclosed in previous filings and go beyond the Hall case.

Prosecutors say the texts and other information described in their most recent filing show that Boone was biased against blacks and that he had no problem with his police oath and the rights of those he met on the street , to hurt.

“There are rn – wild all over town and even if / if we catch them … they don’t have any problems because there are record lips that run the CAO!” Boone wrote a group text to other officers in July 2017, two months before the attack on Hall.

CAO is apparently a reference to the St. Louis Circuit law firm, which is under the supervision of the city’s first Black Circuit attorney, Kim Gardner.

Boone was one of five officers charged in connection with the September 2017 attack on Hall. He was assigned to the Civil Disobedience Team, better known as the riot police, which cracked down on protesters following the acquittal of ex-officer Jason Stockley in the murder of Anthony Lamar Smith. Hall later told investigators that his colleagues beat him “like Rodney King” even though he did not resist or pose a threat.

Two officers pleaded guilty, but Boone, ex-officer Christopher Myers and current officer Steve Korte went to court this spring. No one was found guilty, but the jury was bogged down on charges against Boone. They acquitted Myers on charges but couldn’t decide whether he was guilty of smashing Hall’s phone to destroy a record of the attack.

Boone and Myers will be tried again in June. As prosecutors prepare for the second round, they filed a 33-page memo listing new evidence they plan to use this time. (The edited memo is on page two of this story.) Much of the shelf has been blacked out, but the parts that don’t yet contain unpublished text messages attributed to Boone and others, including other police officers.

Boone’s attorney Patrick Kilgore argued in a lawsuit that the information now publicly available was “flammable, irrelevant and highly detrimental” and that its disclosure violates a judge’s order to seal much of the information. He notes that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote about the texts and other information from the prosecutor’s files, claiming this could tarnish the jury pool and prevent Boone from getting a fair trial. In addition, Kilgore writes that the memo includes the names of Boone’s relatives and police officers who were not charged. A spokeswoman for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police said the department would not comment on an investigation or disciplinary action against any of the officers in Boone’s texts.

In the memo, prosecutors say the texts, many of which describe incidents separate from the protest in which Hall was hit, show a pattern of wrongdoing.

In April 2017, texts show how Boone is happy about a violent confrontation with an unnamed person.

“Ooooohhh !!! Made a headshot with the taser !!!”, Boone writes in a group text with members of his family. “Hahahahhaa Santa and I just smoked two guys.”

Santa is apparently a reference to former St. Louis police officer Kyle Santa, another Boone SMS partner.

A few hours later, Boone sent a group text to several St. Louis police officers: Timothy Strain, Christopher Narez, Marcus Biggins, Shawn Griggs, and Matthew McInerny. All of these officers are still on duty with the exception of McInerny, whose tenure with the division ended in 2021.

“Dude caught a rigged first and resisted stealing a county automobile and a TASER into the damn dome?” He writes, adding, “He caught him in a THICK overgrowth on a vacant lot. Nobody was around but me. Shaw, bastard and god … he’s in the hospital now … poor guy.”

Griggs, who is still a town cop wrote back: This is damn funny! Tough work!

This thread continues with more details from Boone:

“Hahaha, we got him to tell the other officers on site that he was a pussy! Hahaha, he puked himself while EMS looked at him and said, ‘I’m a pussy, in a pussy.” And cry … it was the greatest moment of my short career! Lol. ”

In a text message, Boone added to two other men that the person had “puked and grabbed”.

The prosecutors cache of text messages and other evidence encompasses a wide variety of activities that they say depict Boone’s widespread wrongdoing. In December 2017 there was a message to Myers about taking money: “I don’t know if Sarge is cool if I take some of that money. I packed the 20s for us but I don’t know how he’ll handle it becomes?” “”

And Boone’s response when now former St. Louis Police Officer William “Beau” Wethington wrote that he hoped Boone “punched that kid’s ass” in a March 2018 message.

“We didn’t take him to kids for nothing! Lol,” Boone replied, adding, “There are so many fucking RTCC cameras in the fifth now that I literally had to drag him behind a privacy fence to avoid one. Can’t believe it how uncomfortable they made things! ”

And then there were the texts and FaceTime videos with his girlfriend at the time, Ashley Marie Ditto. Prosecutors say Boone plugged his cell phone into his uniform and broadcast Hall’s beating live for Ditto. The hour-long video wasn’t saved, but prosecutors say Ditto’s messages with Boone prove that she was watching what happened – and that Boone was involved. Then Ditto wrote “That was SOOOOOO COOL !!!!”

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