Exploring ‘Iconic Restaurants Of St. Louis’ With Ann Lemons Pollack

St. Louis has a penchant for the tried and tested. Anyway, the bustling new ice cream shop, we’re not going to give up on our Ted Drewes. And why should you go anywhere for your Italian other than the place where Joe DiMaggio gave his seal of approval, Charlie Gitto’s on the Hill?

Evie Hemphill | St. Louis Public Radio

Ann Lemons Pollack has been writing about St. Louis restaurants for more than three decades.

Writer Ann Lemons Pollack has covered these St. Louis restaurants – and many more. Her new book, Iconic Restaurants of St. Louis, tells the story of 41 places that have stood the test of time.

From long-shuttered stand-bys like Delmonico Diner and Rizzo’s Top of the Tower to more recent closings (Schneithorsts, Goody Goody Diner) and places that are still going strong after more than a century (Piccadilly in Manhattan), it gives a taste of it What made every restaurant a goal and brings the people behind it to life.

“There’s a line I use sometimes,” If kitchens are the heart of a house, restaurants are the heart of a city, “she said Monday in St. Louis on the Air.

Pollack was previously a nurse and the widow of longtime St. Louis Post-Dispatch restaurant critic Joe Pollack (who also reviewed restaurants for St. Louis Public Radio). You co-wrote three travel guides for eating in St. Louis. Pollack himself authored an earlier book called “Lost Restaurants of St. Louis” and writes a monthly column for St. Louis Magazine.

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