Exploring the St. Louis Science Center

ST. LOUIS – No matter what time of day, you can always get a taste of the stars at the St. Louis Science Center (SLSC).

The St. Louis Science Center has the largest artificial sky in the Western Hemisphere. Guests can enjoy the show on the walls from the star projector. It’s even celebrating its 20th birthday in St. Louis. It is one of only three in the United States. The other two are in New York City and Los Angeles. There are only 13 in the whole world.

Some of the SLSC shows include exploring the solar system, galaxies, and star clusters.

SLSC also has a coffee shop and explorestlouis.com allows people to vote on some of their favorite St. Louis foods. One of these St. Louis Showdowns takes place between Red Hot Riplets from the old town of Vienna and the Billy Goat Chips.

Tim also stepped into the SLSC’s Grow Gallery. There, guests can find out how our food gets from the farm to our dining table.

People can also understand the importance of bees and see a bumblebee colony up close. Honey bees and bumblebees are very different.

Not far from the St. Louis Science Center, there is a natural play area that is coming soon. The area used to be only 17 hectares of mowed grass. The Anne O’C. Albrecht Nature Playscape is located between the World Exhibition Pavilion and the Jewel Box.

The area is geared towards children who enjoy nature. Forest Park Forever asked hundreds of children across town what they wanted to play with in a large natural space. Their ideas shaped the design.

It will be open to the public in late spring 2021.

It is the national travel and tourism week. You can find more ideas for a fun outing with the family at explorestlouis.com.

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