Fastest Ways To Make OSRS Gold

Do you know how many hours of combat experience it takes to get the best gear in this game? You’re not gonna make that time back by doing quests. Luckily, our Oldschool Runescape guide has some foolproof money-making techniques for those who want a little extra spending OSRS gold.

There are a lot of updates coming out for Oldschool Runescape, and it seems impossible to keep up with all the new items. However, you’re determined enough that once one is bought another comes along- so no matter what happens there’s bound to be something you can afford! Lucky for you though if your style fits any of these ways of making a profit in Old School RS then this grind might not seem too bad after all.

Catching Chinchompas

Why are chinchompas considered the best for training range? In a short span of time, you can go from level 1 to 30. And if that’s not enough reason then consider their usefulness in combat as they offer quick experience and easy kills at certain God Wars bosses,

Chinchompas might be the answer to your prayers. They are an alternative way of fighting monsters in Runescape if you can’t go through with killing every single one or just don’t have much time for PVM (player vs monster) combat. You’ll need 63 hunter at level 73 before being able to catch black chins and make some real money from them – but be careful that a PKer doesn’t come along and steal all those furry friends!

From there, you will want to lay down your traps. Keep an eye out for PKers who are looking to kill the chins and run into 30 wilderness once they come strolling in so that you can teleport away safely! You may also decide it’s best if someone else lays them because otherwise, with this method of hunting 3-tick hunter is quick and relaxing while earning a noticeable difference in money per hour as well as experience.

Blast Furnace

Blast Furnace is an ancient dwarven mine located deep in the earth where dwarves make their living mining. Those who don’t do any metalwork can come down to this minigame and smelt iron bars into items like swords, shields, or pickaxes for a lower cost than if they were to buy them from stores. Blast furnace does require some crafting skills but it’s beginner-friendly as well so you get all of the benefits with very little investment!

Smithing is a skill that can easily wipe out your bank account, but fortunately, there are ways to make it worth the pain when training OSRS smithing. You could go all the way from 15-99 smithing at Blast Furnace and rake in heavy profit for yourself or just scale back when you’ve got 85 smithing experience and start running with runite bars – this will net more money than anything else!

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