Forced to harvest asparagus early due to cold weather, Eckert’s collaborates with St. Louis restaurants for a good cause

With the unexpected cold snap this week, Eckert’s Farm had to harvest its first products of the season earlier than expected. Now it is making the most of the situation by partnering with St. Louis restaurants to offer special asparagus dishes for a good cause.

Mary Bogacki from Yolklore, Loryn Nalic from Balkan Treat Box and Tim Wiggins from Lazy Tiger will help present Eckert’s asparagus with specialties from April 20th to 28th. A portion of the proceeds from the specialties will be donated to Operation Food Search, a foundation that works to combat hunger in childhood.

“We always try to offer our farm-fresh product to our local chefs. This was a great opportunity to bring the asparagus to restaurants that could offer creative menu items, ”Eckert Marketing Director Amanda Morgan said in a statement. “We are incredibly grateful to our Chef partners as we recognize the difficulties they have faced over the past year.”

  • Balkan Treat Box | April 20th to 24th: Seasonal wood-fired asparagus pide (with cheese, ajvar, kajmak, lemon, herbs)
  • Lazy tiger | April 20th and 28th: Moon Scoop Cocktail (with London Dry Gin, asparagus, pink peppercorn bitters, Clairin Sajous, lemon, egg white and soda)
  • Yolklore | April 24th and 25th: Spring vegetable rolled omelette with shaved asparagus

Depending on the future weather, Eckert hopes to be able to offer asparagus to pick yourself later in the season. From early to mid-May, the farm sells asparagus, which is available from Eckert’s Belleville Country Store (951 S. Green Mt, Belleville).

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