Former St. Louis police Capt. David Dorn to be recognized by Congressional Medal of Honor Society

A fallen Missouri police officer receives the Congressional Medal of Honor Society’s Citizen Honors Award after he died in protests against police brutality last year to protect a friend’s business from looters.

Captain David Dorn was recognized as the recipient of the Single Act of Heroism Award 2021 on Thursday. He paid tribute to his service after he was shot dead in June 2020 when responding to an alarm at a pawn shop.

Dorn, a retired police captain, was protecting a friend’s pawn shop on Monday night when he was shot by looters.
(Missouri Department of Public Safety)

The then retired Dorn is one of two recipients, announced the company. The award is given to those who have risked their lives in a dire situation for the benefit of others.

“To find out that Dave was given this great honor, I was just annoyed,” said Ann Dorn, his widow, on Saturday to “Fox & Friends”. “It’s a bittersweet moment.”


Dorn said her husband died “to do what he loved”.

“He would have been humble and honored,” she continued. “I can see him smile now and say, ‘No, I didn’t deserve this.’ That would be his reaction, but yes, he deserves it. “

Dorn will accept the award in September on behalf of her late husband.

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Republican Senator Josh Hawley announced the award, which, according to the KSDK, will be presented based on selection by a society-assembled panel.

Hawley said recipients will be selected who exemplify the values ​​embodied in the Medal of Honor: courage, sacrifice, commitment, integrity, citizenship and patriotism.

“David Dorn is committed to helping others and protecting his community, even after he retired from law enforcement and during his final moments with us,” Hawley said, according to the KTTN. “His character represents the very best of Missouri and this country.”


The Missouri Senate also honored Dorn by passing a bill designating part of State Highway 180 in St. Louis as the Captain David Dorn Memorial Highway.

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