Gas prices up in the St. Louis area by more than $1 over 2020 levels

ST. LOUIS – We continue to see rising gas prices at the pump, but that’s not because of the pipeline problems in the southeast.

If you filled up your tank today, you paid $ 0.07 more last week than that day and $ 1.24 more than that day last year.

Nick Chabarria, an AAA spokesman, said it was difficult to compare this year to last year.

“Last year was really an anomaly in gas prices across the country and here in Missouri. The pandemic has decimated demand as orders stay at home and people obviously cannot travel comfortably for health reasons. So we really saw gas prices go down, ”said Chabarria.

Chabarria now said that the demand for gas has increased and crude oil prices have increased. We see these higher prices on the pump.

He said this is our new norm when we start summer. Drivers can expect prices to stay where they are and maybe even rise slightly.

One thing that drivers in Missouri and Illinois didn’t have to worry about is a lack of gasoline.

The Colonial Pipeline is back online and does not play a major role in the procurement of our gas in the subway area.

So there’s no reason for Missouri and Illinois drivers to panic buying gasoline. Gas won’t go away, but neither will these high prices.

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