Hackers Take Over Popular St. Louis Restaurant’s Instagram; Has Major Impact On Business

April 11, 2021

The owners of the Balkan Treat Box at Webster Groves were preparing for their biggest week in over a year. They have reopened the restaurant in their restaurant for the first time since March 2020 and expect it to be full, instead it is almost dead. Loryn and Edo Nalic say a hacker got into their Instagram account on the Balkan Treat Box and have put a heavy strain on the business. “We came back from COVID, opened our doors and have to put all of this aside because we can’t reach our customers now,” Loryn said. “Yeah, it sucks.” The couple said they received an Instagram message warning of a copyright infringement. The message alleged that their restaurant’s account would be closed within 24 hours. “There was a link you could have followed, but Edo blocked it and reported it,” Loryn said. Within a few hours, they were blocked from the account. The couple were able to log into their email, change their password, and get back into their account. They were blocked again just a few hours later. This time the hacker changed the email address, password and name of the Instagram account. It’s been almost a week and you are still banned from the account. “We had so many plans to release what we got along the way and we can’t,” said Edo. Edo and Loryn said that Instagram posts, which started out as a food truck in 2016, play a huge role in many business areas. Balkan Treat Box has nearly 14,000 followers. The couple publish pictures every day showing the specials and other offers. “We hear from customers who came in this week like we didn’t know what was going on, we didn’t know you were open, you didn’t post,” Loryn said. The Nalics said the hackers kept changing the name on the account and still kept all of their pictures. “While people may be scratching their heads about how they got in here, there are a lot of people on the dark web who are really working on using whatever information they can get to put the whole profile together for the person, and that That’s why it’s really important not to share a lot of information on social media because people are out there looking for little bits of information about you, “said Rebecca Phoenix of the Better Business Bureau. Phoenix recommends backing up the data on your social media accounts. She also said that setting up two-factor authentication for accounts can make it harder for hackers to get into your account. This will send a code to your email address or phone that must be entered to access the account. Phoenix said if your accounts have been hacked, report it to the BBB scammer.

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