Housing Inequality in St. Louis

Visit NCJWSTL for our May Lunch & Learn while we watch and discuss Segregated by Design, a powerful and engaging video that details how our federal, state, and local governments meet metropolitan areas, including St. Louis, separated by introducing an unconstitutional housing policy.

St. Louis is divided in many ways, and race plays a role in each of these divisions. It determines our future because when you create a transparent racial segregation map and overlay it on top of other maps – political power, cultural influence, health, wealth, education, and employment – the pattern repeats itself. Why was segregation more dramatic here in St. Louis than in other Midwestern cities? Why didn’t it lift so quickly?

Lisa Mandel, a realtor working to create affordable St. Louis housing, a member of the Urban Land Institute, a member of the Metro Housing Task Force, and part of the St. Patrick’s Center Landlord Advisory Group, will also be reporting on the impact Politics in St. Louis.

For more information and the RSVP, please visit: https://bit.ly/3as4f2z

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