IKEA In St. Louis? More Rumors Circulate As Kansas City Moves Forward With Its Store

Rumors that IKEA is coming to St. Louis are growing in waves, and Joseph Roth, a company spokesman, says that for some reason he always seems to get calls whenever there’s a new development in Kansas City (which tragically for us, definitely) is getting an IKEA).

IKEA began demolishing its store on Wednesday, which is slated to open next fall, according to Roth. On the same day, across the Missouri, Space Architecture and Design tweeted something pretty interesting: “Say it out loud. IKEA is moving into Vandeventer and Forest Park Parkway. Confirmed.”

Confirmed by whom? Not IKEA, says Roth.

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The architecture studio in St. Louis eventually deleted that original tweet, but here’s a follower’s retweet on that comment and the response from @SPACEarchitects that they’re not affiliated with IKEA but hear “real estate chatter” saying “being real.” seems”:

@mayorslaycan You confirm this “@spacearchitects: Say it out loud. IKEA is moving into Vandeventer and Forest Park Parkway. Confirmed.


. @nifernelsonWe are in no way affiliated with the IKEA project. Just real estate chatter. Seems to be real though.

– SPACEarchitects (@SPACEarchitects), May 29, 2013

Shelley Satke Niemeier, marketing for Space, told Daily RFT that the company has nothing to do with IKEA – not the architect or agent for the St. Louis furniture company.

Even so, she says to us, “There was a meeting with some real estate agents … and it came up.”

“Apparently,” she says, “there’s a deal going on right now. That’s really all we know.”

She says she can’t say any more about who attended the meeting or how they know this rumor is true – that IKEA may have its eye on real estate on Vandeventer Avenue and Forest Park Parkway.

That would be near the Laclede Gas and Salvation Army adult rehabilitation center complexes. This isn’t the first time this site has been rumored.

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Forest Park Avenue.  - VIA GOOGLE MAPS

  • via Google Maps

  • Forest Park Avenue.

What does IKEA say about that?

“We have nothing new to report,” says Roth. “We are fully interested in the St. Louis market. We are continuing to examine the opportunities there. However, we have not yet committed ourselves to a specific location, let alone a specific timeframe for opening a store.”

He notes that, for some inexplicable reason, these rumors often crop up when “we have an important milestone in Kansas City”.

He says, “It seems like every time something goes on in Kansas City, the St. Louis rumors pop up.”

Roth, who happens to be in Kansas City for demolition this week, said he received about four media inquiries about St. Louis on Wednesday and Thursday.

He says IKEA likes to be “very slow” [and] Considerations “in selecting locations and assessing metropolitan areas across the country.” These are big investments, “he says of new branches.” As soon as we open a store, we usually stay there. “

But St. Louis got a shot, right ?!

“We have many customers in the St. Louis area. We are excited about all the opportunities.” But he adds: “We are not yet committed to anything.”

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