It’s Going to Get Damn Cold in St. Louis Starting Very Soon

UPDATE – February 5, 6 p.m .: The forecast has changed again since this release. It looks like we’ll see a lot of snow on Saturday after all.

The people of St. Louis anxiously searched for their weather apps all week because we were awaiting the scary weather conditions on Saturday and Sunday.

Meteorologists have predicted that this weekend will be kind of the weekend when the stuff hits the fan. The mild winter we had enjoyed should turn us on and bring snow on Saturday and temperatures at or near zero on Sunday. (And that doesn’t even include the wind chill.)

But the good news is: you were at least a little wrong. Today, on National Weatherperson’s Day, let’s take a minute to appreciate how hard these weather forecasters are working to predict our wild weather in the Midwest. And let’s also pause to understand how cute it is when their terrible predictions end up at least partially wrong.

The latest information from the National Weather Service in St. Louis says that while we should still expect snow on Saturday, it won’t start until the afternoon and the St. Louis area will only be about an inch. Phew. That’s a relief.

Snow will build up in parts of the area on Saturday afternoons and evenings, especially in places along and …

Posted by US National Weather Service Saint Louis Missouri on Friday Feb 5th 2021

So this time we got a pass for snow, but there is still an extreme cold front on the way that is expected to settle in our area by mid-February.

Starting this weekend, we’re starting to experience the kind of cold that hasn’t been there for a while, and even the daily highs stay below freezing for at least the next week. The wind chill is expected to drop below zero.

The National Weather Service recommends that when the temperature is this low, you bring your pets indoors, limit outdoor exposure, and make sure you have adequate protection if you need to go out.

And if you have an extra coat or two that you aren’t using, there are some St. Louisans out there who really could be using one right now. You can find a better home at Just enter your zip code and you will find all the drop-off points near you that have Coat drives.

An unusually cold pattern will appear across the region from Saturday evening. It’ll be all of next week …

Posted by US National Weather Service Saint Louis Missouri on Thursday Feb 4th 2021

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