Jackson Pianos takes show on the road

The money raised from the “piano programs” will go to the Places for People charity and to struggling local musicians

ST. LOUIS – The people of St. Louis got creative helping others overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. The people of Jackson Pianos take their show on the trip to raise money and leave ghosts behind.

The setup isn’t exactly Carnegie Hall – it’s nothing special. You only park your van with a woman in it.

“It’s nice to play in a different environment,” singer Alexandra Sinclair told 5 On Your Side.

She plays a big wooden piano in the van. They call it a “piano gram”.

“Take piano in the fan and do local shows. We did about 60 of these shows, ”said Joe Jackson.

The shows also require more than just musical talent – it also takes some brute force.

“Take a wooden piano and load it 60 times. That’s a 600 pound instrument, ”said Jackson.

They started all of the heavy lifting in 2020.

“With COVID we were at a loss,” said Jackson.

They were at a loss when trying to find a way to raise funds during the pandemic and found success with the piano gram.

“We’re generating some serious funding,” said Jackson.

Funding goes to two places, some going to the Places for People charity.

“They offer therapy and health services. And some of the money goes to the struggling local musicians, ”Jackson said. “Hiring musicians at a time when you were not performing.”

Jackson Pianos doesn’t take any of the money raised and these gigs bring in more than just money. The music can lift the mood.

“It was a tough year for everyone. A lot of people would tell us things like, “Boy, I haven’t seen anyone in months,” Jackson said.

Since they can take the van to people’s homes, this provides a safe and secure way for the audience to hear live music.

“There’s something so powerful in a piano that brings people together,” said Sinclair.

Jackson believes the piano grams can bring people together from all walks of life.

“They can all swing to the beat at the same time. Ebony and ivory together in perfect harmony, ”he said.

They hope that their harmony will change the mood.

“My ultimate goal is to make people smile,” said Sinclair.

The piano grams seem to make a difference and strengthen our community. To learn more about piano gram, click here.

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