Jurors to continue deliberating Monday in St. Louis police beating trial

ST. LOUIS – The judges went home for the weekend after more than 6 hours of deliberation. The fate of the St. Louis police officers, 1 current and 2 no longer on the division, will soon be decided for their alleged roles in the caning of a St. Louis police detective who they believe was a protester.

The jury is considering taping undercover detective Luther Hall’s live stream of the beating, as well as text messages in which former officers Dustin Boone and Chris Myers mentioned their regrets about the beating.

There are also photos of Hall being held on a curb by police on the 14th and of Olive in downtown St. Louis after Hall was beaten.

Hall had a small hole in his lip and had to undergo a spinal fusion in the neck.

Current officers Korte, Boone and Myers face jail terms if convicted of depriving Hall of his civil rights.

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Myers is also accused of destroying evidence by allegedly crashing Hall’s phone. Korte is also accused of lying to the FBI.

The vast majority of the statements made against the defendants come from other police officers.

Hall was beaten during the September 2017 protests after former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley was acquitted in a murder case.

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Hall worked undercover and followed the protesters’ activities.

Defense lawyers say that despite all of the photo and video evidence, nothing shows that the three officers played a role in the strikes. They say the charges are based on speculation, lies and innuendos.

They also point out that the two former officers known to have played a role in the beating have already pleaded guilty: beating Randy Hays, Hall and Bailey Coletta for perjury.

The jury will be back in federal court Monday morning to resume deliberations.

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