‘Keep Live Alive’ St. Louis helping musicians recover from the pandemic

ST. LOUIS, MO. – The pandemic hit many different industries hard over the past year. One of the hardest hit? The live music industry. But FOX 2’s Patrick Clark is speaking to a group this morning that is working to help these workers.

They are the music venues in St. Louis that many missed during the pandemic.

But the staff and support staff who run the stages here in Gateway City are running out of funds to pay bills.

And this is where the St. Louis Classic Rock Conservation Society and its campaign kept alive. St. Louis raised funds to help.

Now they want to offer a thousand dollars in grants to those in the live events industry.

“We offer money through grants and you can apply to Keep Live Alive STL.org,” said John Sebben, Keep Live Alive St. Louis. “This is for people affected by the entertainment industry pandemic. The ushers, concessions, line men and sane men because they were the first to be affected when the concerts were canceled last March. ”

“You know, the funny thing was the restaurant. Roadhouse Hwy 61 is based on the food and music of Highway 61 from New Orleans to St. Louis, “says Bill Kunz, owner of Roadhouse and Kitchen on Highway 61.” So music is an integral part of it, and so is the music went away, part of the spirit of our place disappeared. ”

The more Americans get their vaccinations and the venues open again, the more live music returns.

There has been live music again since May 2020 in places like Highway 61 Roadhouse and the kitchen.

And Live Alive St. Louis brings back an iconic photo of Eddie van Halen and David Lee Roth in front of an old McDonalds off Watson Road.

“For every $ 25 donated by 9:00 a.m. next Sunday, we’re giving these people the chance to win, similar to a raffle for that legendary raffle by Eddie and David at the Crestwood McDonalds, which only took place a few weeks in 1978 before their first show a few weeks earlier, ”says Sebben.

John Sebben scoured old city records to verify that this classic early Van Halen photo was actually taken in Crestwood, Missouri, when the boys were only 23 years old.

Keep Life Alive St. Louis encourages everyone to donate to help those affected by the pandemic in the live events industry and reminds these workers to apply for their $ 1,000 grant.

“To apply for a scholarship or make a donation to get your hands on this piece of rock and roll history, we have a link to Keep Live Alive St. Louis on our website,” says Clark. “In Webster Groves, Patrick Clark, Fox 2 News.”

More information: KeepLiveAliveSTL.org

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