Kevin Smith’s Mooby’s Pop-Up Restaurant Coming to St. Louis in April

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  • Mooby’s, a pop-up restaurant, brings Kevin Smith Askewniverse to St. Louis this spring.

If you’ve ever seen dogma and thought to yourself, “Man, I could really do some hater tots,” your wish is about to be granted. Mooby’s, the fictional restaurant that recurs in several of Smith’s films, is coming to town this spring.

The Mooby popup is an idea from Smith and event producer Derek Berry, who came up with the idea in April last year. According to Berry, Smith had wanted to make a real version of the fictional fast food joint for a while and was inspired to finally help out as a means to help out in difficult restaurants. Initially, the event was supposed to be a ten-day pop-up partnership with Postmates in Los Angeles, but when Smith and Berry saw how successful it was, they decided to expand the idea to a national audience.

The event announced today in St. Louis is the eleventh stop on the tour and will take place from April 21 to May 3 in a restaurant to be named. Interested parties are asked to register on the event website. This will inform you about the location of the event in advance and give you early access to tickets. The cost is $ 30 per person. Tickets include an appetizer, a side dish, and a 45-minute time slot to enjoy the haunted Mooby experience. Mooby’s, other Askewniverse-themed merchandise, and beer from a yet-to-be-announced brewery in St. Louis are also available for purchase.

Smith’s movie fans will spot some of Mooby’s favorite dishes in the pop-up, including the signature “Hater Tots” and the “Cow Tipper,” a three-decker burger that will be available in both beef and plant-based versions. The vegan Smith is committed to making 50 percent of the menu vegan-friendly.

For more information and to sign up for early access, visit

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