Made in St. Louis: She loves St. Louis so much, she illustrated it in a calendar | Fashion

Your skills • Muhm used her experience as a graphic designer, art director, illustrator and writer to explore St. Louis, the city she loves. “Working on the calendar brought me close to so many places in St. Louis,” she says. “I take the photos for each of the drawings that I then made in Adobe Illustrator.” Muhm often uses several images she took to create a drawing. “When I chose the images, I thought of them as visual stories.” Muhm carefully constructed their stories and selected locations that are popular with millennials, young families with children, and older adults. She nodded to the east with the September illustration of the apple harvest on Eckert’s farms.

St. Louis thumbnails • In addition to the illustrative joy of picking apples, Muhm’s final drawings include the statue of King Louis on Art Hill, the Fountain on the Grasshopper, Soulard Market, the City Garden, the Spirit of St. Louis, the Boathouse in Carondelet Park and the Turtle Park. the Lemp Mansion, Blueberry Hill and the grand staircase at Powell Hall.

Production and Promotion • When she had finished the designs, Muhm put on her business hat to have the calendar produced. “People asked me where I would print it,” says Muhm. “It never occurred to me to go to China or Japan. I used a company in St. Louis for the calendar. When I received the bid, the printer told me that the cost of binding an integrated calendar was almost as high as the printing itself. ”Muhm decided to explore binding alternatives and use her contacts from her time as art director. “I called a friend at Binding Solutions and asked if he could sell used equipment. They did. At the time, my son Colin wasn’t working full time. He was ready to take on the task of binding them. “Soon after, Colin found a job he loves. “My husband Kevin and I now bind all calendars,” she says.

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