Marijuana Dispensaries in the St. Louis Metro

Well it took long enough.

Perhaps it’s the mentally distressing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the way every single day of 2020 was simply begging for some form of psychoactive escape. Perhaps it is that thousands of people across the state have obtained medical marijuana licenses as soon as they become available, only to see an entire year go by with no legal weed in sight. Maybe it’s the fact that it really took a ridiculously long time.

Either way, weed lovers can rejoice: medical marijuana dispensaries have finally graciously started opening their doors in Missouri after nearly a year of delays related to COVID. New opening announcements are steadily coming in now, and a slew of pharmacies are just waiting for state approval to start selling their wares.

We have compiled a list of the pharmacies currently open at press time selling weed in the St. Louis area to help you, dear reader, have a very happy 4/20 this year. Check out the ones below and remember to keep an eye out as more open their doors – this thing is just getting started.

Root 66 cannabis

Multiple locations including Dogtown (6660 Manchester Ave, 314-282-7978), South Grand (3737 South Grand Boulevard, 314-257-0816)

Root 66 Cannabis describes itself as “your fast lane to the best cannabis shopping experience in the Midwest”. At the time of this writing, the two locations are offering Eighth Flowers starting at $ 69.99 pre-tax, with varieties like Gorilla Pie, Purple Chem, and Diesel Train on offer. In addition, Root 66 carries a wide variety of vape cartridges, pre-rolls, groceries and accessories.

Greenlight Dispensary

Multiple locations including St. Louis (8542 North Broadway, 844-785-9333), Ferguson (517 South Florissant Road, Ferguson; 844-785-9333)

Greenlight Dispensary is a regional chain with nearly twenty locations in Missouri and Arkansas that are currently open or in progress. At the Ferguson and St. Louis locations, Eighth Flowers sell for $ 39.56 to $ 51.90 before tax. The stocks include AK-47, Magic Melon and XJ-13, among others. Edibles, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, and accessories are also offered.

N’Bliss Dispensary

Multiple locations including Ellisville (15396 Manchester Road, Ellisville; 314-627-2699), Manchester (1266 Old Orchard Center, 0x000AManchester; 314-627-2499)

N’Bliss sells eighths for between $ 54.99 and $ 64.99 before tax and quarters for $ 109.99. Flowers include Purple Trainwreck, Miracle Alien Cookies, and Poontang Pie, among others. N’Bliss also offers the usual pre-rolls, groceries, accessories and vape cartridges that can be found at most other pharmacies. Additionally, Gelato Bubble Hash is offered at its Ellisville location for $ 49.99 per half gram.

Swade cannabis

Multiple locations including Ellisville (16075 Manchester Road, Ellisville; 314-924-6501), St. Peters (146 Jungerman Road, St. Peters; 314-924-6500)

Swade Cannabis’ website calls it “Missouri’s first luxury cannabis company created to restore and revitalize the mind, body and spirit as one.” It sells eighths of flowers for $ 60 pre-tax, with a limited supply at press time – the St. Peters store is currently stocked with Miracle Alien Cookies, while the Ellisville store has these as well as San Fernando Valley OG. Both locations carry pre-rolls, vape cartridges, supplies and groceries, and the Grove location (4108 Manchester Avenue, 314-924-6503) of the pharmacy is celebrating its grand opening this Friday, April 16.

Captiva healing

9933 Watson Road, Crestwood; 0x000A314-406-2604

Captiva Healing describes itself as “a local family-owned marijuana dispensary passionate about serving the St. Louis community”. It sells eighths of flowers for between $ 55 and $ 60 pre-tax, including varieties like Bubba Fett, White 99, and 5th Dimension. Captiva Healing also offers a wide selection of pre-rolls – larger than most of the other pharmacies on this list – as well as groceries, supplies, and disposable vapes.

Missouri Wild Alchemy

2173 West Terra Lane, Lake St. Louis; 0x000A636-887-0977

The Missouri Wild Alchemy website describes the operation as “a small, local, family-run business dedicated to providing high quality cannabis and education to medical marijuana patients in Missouri.” The store sells eighths of flowers for between $ 55 and $ 65 pre-tax, with a selection of varieties including Chem Scout, Sour Diesel, and White 99. In addition to the usual selection of groceries, accessories, pre-rolls, and disposable vapes, Missouri offers Wild also has an assortment of crystals and cool stones to stare at after ingesting their products.

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