Mark McCloskey, St. Louis Lawyer Who Waved Gun at Black Lives Matter Protesters, Now Running for Senate

Mark McCloskey, the white St. Louis attorney who became a right-wing hero last year after pointing a gun at Black Lives Matter protesters, sought another 15 minutes of fame Tuesday night by officially announcing he was running for the Senate.

“I’ve always been a Republican, but I’ve never been a politician,” McCloskey told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, who was one of McCloskey’s greatest champions, on Tuesday. “But you know, God knocked on my door disguised as an angry mob last summer and it really woke me up.”

After weeks of deliberation, McCloskey is joining a growing GOP primary field in Missouri that opened earlier this year when Senator Roy Blunt announced he would not seek a new term next year. One of McCloskey’s top Republican rivals will be former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, who fell out of favor in 2018 on charges of sexual misconduct and campaign funding violations.

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