Mooby’s, the pop-up restaurant from the Jay and Silent Bob movies, is coming to St. Louis

Kevin Smith fans, your dreams will come true. Mooby’s, the fictional fast food restaurant featured in several of the popular director’s films, is coming to St. Louis. The pop-up restaurant will be open April 21 through May 5 in a location that will be announced next week.

St. Louis is the eleventh stop on the Mooby’s national tour. As event organizer Derek Berry explains, the Mooby’s pop-up was originally designed as a one-off 10-day event in Los Angeles to generate restaurant business for restaurants struggling during the pandemic. The company’s overwhelming success led Smith to turn the popup into a travel phenomenon.

“We started this on April 20th last year with Postmates and haven’t been able to keep up with the demand,” says Berry. “We sold out every day and the response was so overwhelming that we thought this had some legs that would allow us to do real pop-ups.”

Originally featured in Smith’s film Dogma, Mooby’s can be seen in Clerks II and the Jay and Silent Bob films. According to Berry, Smith has always wanted to bring the fictional restaurant to life and was asked to do so this year to support restaurants. To this end, he hired the help of Berry and a chef who created versions of Mooby’s branded items, such as the triple burger called the “Cow Patty” and the famous “Hater Tots”. As a vegan, Smith has made sure that half of the menu includes a meat-free diet, including a version of the “Cow Tipper” that uses a plant-based meat alternative.

Berry describes the Mooby’s pop-up as a fascinating experience that takes you into the world of Kevin Smith movies. The restaurant where the event takes place is fully themed as Mooby’s and sells Mooby’s and other Smith-inspired merchandise in addition to food. Users buy a ticket for the popup through a link that will be posted next week. This ticket guarantees you a main course, a side dish and a 45-minute time slot in the restaurant. The pop-up will also include a collaboration between Mooby’s and a yet-to-be-named St. Louis brewery that will deliver a signature beer for the event.

Everyone interested in participating in the popup is asked to log in to the Mooby website using their email addresses. Those who do will be given early notice of where the event will take place and will also be able to purchase tickets before they are sold to the general public. Tickets are $ 30 per person.

Berry credits the fandom that surrounds Smith and his films with the success of the Mooby’s pop-ups, though he insists that even those unfamiliar with the director’s world will be impressed by the event.

“There’s so little going on right now that it gives people a reason to get out of their home,” says Berry. “This is a chef-led event and people have been very happy with the food. Even those who aren’t Kevin Smith fans will enjoy it. “

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