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Katie Duke

Katie Duke

Courtesy Katie Duke

Bad decisions with Katie Duke

Katie Duke comes from a family of nurses – her mother, aunt, sister, cousin. The St. Louis native (Notre Dame High School, 1999) is a nurse herself, but after spending years in hospitals, she has gone a less traditional route.

“I quit my full-time job a few months ago and have been following my podcast and my work as a social media content creator and mentor full time,” says Duke, who lives in New York City.

In December 2019 she started her podcast “Bad Decisions With Katie Duke”. A second season began on March 16.

“I secretly wanted a podcast for a while, but I didn’t have the resources to put it together,” she says. “Around October 2019, these two Nashville based people – they own a production company – reached out to me. “Hey, you need a podcast. We would like to work with you. ‘It just happened to fall on my lap in a good way. “

Duke usually records episodes for a few months at a time – “a lot of talking in a few days,” she says – but it works with her schedule.

(Video contains profanity)

“I always knew I wanted to make Bad Decisions my brand, and if you really think about my whole life story, that sums that up pretty well,” she says. “We all make bad decisions. And instead of just wallowing in grief over what we’ve done, we need to realize that there is a very good lesson buried somewhere that can make us a much stronger person or add to our story along the way. “

Most of Duke’s audience is in the healthcare sector, she says, but Bad Decisions is not meant to be a healthcare podcast.

“(Nurses) need people with a public platform to say things they might not like to say,” she says.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Duke contracted COVID-19 during a crisis mission in a New York hospital and was hospitalized for two weeks himself. The three episodes in which she details this experience and her long recovery are the most popular of the series. Other top episodes deal with job burnout and abusive relationships.

“I’m just trying to make it very chatty, where you can hear it when you drive to work, you can hear it in the gym, you can wear it in the kitchen while you have dinner with your husband – but not with you Your children because you will curse an (explosive) storm. “

Duke admits that “bad decisions” are not for everyone. But she’s okay with that. She just wants to create content that is authentic to her and her passion.

“A lot of people say, ‘My God, do you have enough bad decisions for a whole’ other season? ‘” Duke says. “Actually, yes. Yes, I do. It’s good podcast content.” From Gabe Hartwig

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