Navy Reservist Ephriam Granderson Abused Girls in St. Louis County: Charges

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  • Ephriam Granderson, shown in 2017 and 2002, faces twelve cases in one sexual abuse case.

A St. Louis County Navy reservist has sexually abused three young girls multiple times in a decade, prosecutors say.

Ephriam Granderson, 52, from Berkeley, was arrested Wednesday evening when he was returning to the United States from an assignment in South Korea. US Marshals took him into custody after his flight landed at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

St. Louis County Attorney Wesley Bell said at a news conference that his staff began investigating Granderson last year after receiving a letter describing the allegations against the longtime seaman.

Granderson is accused of molesting girls between the ages of nine and sixteen. The indictment covers a period from 1993 to 2003. He is charged with twelve crimes, including rape, statutory rape and sodomy – the term used to describe sexual assault in Missouri law. The victims are identified only by their initials in court records, and Bell would only say the girls were familiar with Granderson.

Bell said the case was being handled in the prosecutor’s office by investigators Ron Goldstein and Maureen Baker. Some of the allegations against Granderson had been examined by prosecutors years before Bell’s tenure, but no charges had been brought at the time, Bell added. He said that wasn’t exactly the wrong call at the time, given a variety of factors, possibly including the challenges young victims face.

Once the prosecutors were ready to indict Granderson, they worked with the US Marshals and the Intelligence Division of the St. Louis County Police Department to arrest him.

The charges were originally filed on March 1, but authorities were awaiting his return to the US to unseal and make the arrest. A St. Louis County judge set Granderson’s bail at $ 200,000.

Bell asked anyone who might be a victim or know of a crime to contact the local prosecutor.

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