New Italian restaurant coming to Ritz-Carlton in St. Louis

The Ritz-Carlton is ready to welcome Casa Don Alfonso to its St. Louis County hotel

CLAYTON, MO. – St. Louis County’s Ritz-Carlton rolls out the red carpet to welcome a famous Italian restaurant investing in our local economy with its first US restaurant.

Don Alfonso 1890 has a storied history near Naples, Italy. There is one more restaurant in Canada, but this new company coming to St. Louis will be in America first.

Mario Iaccarino, known for the Don Alfonso 1890 restaurant, is bringing Casa Don Alfonso to the Ritz-Carlton this fall. With reports that so many restaurants are closing their doors, this is good news for our economy.

The Ritz in Clayton is undoubtedly delighted.

“We firmly believe this is the best time to open up and bring some positive news to the world,” said Alen Tanovic, general manager of the Ritz-Carlton in Clayton.

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The Iaccarino family has deep roots in the hotel industry, which dates back to the 19th century. Mario Iaccarino and his brother Ernesto own Don Alfonso in 1890, but “their grandfather moved from Italy to come to the States to get a feel for running a hotel,” Mario Iaccarino told 5 On Your Side of a zoom Call.

Her parents decided to take the business in a different direction in 1973, and at the ages of 26 and 24, they decided to open a restaurant, Iaccarino said.

You have created a casual rustic menu and want to take you back to a simpler time.

“They want to showcase the food their grandmother prepared for the children when it came time to prepare food,” said Iaccarino.

To make your mouth salivate, he guided us through some of the staples.

“The US has macaroni and cheese. We bring you the original recipe we call Macaroni Gratin that Grandma made for me for lunch on Friday. It’s amazing,” he said.

“In Italy they had a day devoted to a particular dish and one day was devoted to dried beans like fava, greens and lentils,” recalled Iaccarino, thinking of another dish that will be on the menu with Dried Bean Soup served in copper boats on a real Amalfi coast. It is served with chili pepper, fresh herbs and croutons.

Another staple that some people might raise their eyebrows at is serving pasta and potatoes together. They can’t wait for you to try.

Iaccarino said that Casa Don Alfonso will have so many memorable dishes from her upbringing, including Neapolitan pizzas with olive oil and tomato sauce, very unique to her culture.

For vino lovers, they’ll have Italian staples, but at incredible prices, according to Tanovic, as they “want everyone to feel welcome,” he said.

“It will be a cultural experience rather than just lunch or dinner,” explained Iaccarino.

You will have the chance to see some of the pasta being made from your tables while the Ritz has worked long and hard to bring many of the pasta straight from Italy.

Iaccarino is also very proud of the artist who was hired to paint some of the pictures from his hometown so he could really welcome you into his home.

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