No ‘guilty’ verdicts in trial of St. Louis officers accused of beating undercover detective

ST. LOUIS – The jury did not return a guilty verdict Monday in the trial of three St. Louis police officers accused of beating an undercover detective in a downtown protest in 2017.

Former officers Dustin Boone and Christopher Myers, as well as current officer Steven Korte, have been charged with depriving Detective Luther Hall of its civil rights. Myers was also accused of destroying evidence by allegedly smashing Hall’s phone. Korte was accused of lying to the FBI.

Korte was not found guilty on all counts. Myers was acquitted of civil rights, but the jury was charged with destruction of evidence. The jury was also unable to pass judgment on Boone’s civil rights charge.

Detective Hall worked undercover with a partner during the 2017 Jason Stockley protests. They documented possible crimes when they were split in chaos on the night of Sunday, September 17th.

Hall said he ran into uniformed cops near Tucker and 14th Street. Prosecutors allege Boone, Myers and Korte attacked and beat Hall after mistaking him for a protester.

Hall had a small hole in his lip and had to undergo a spinal fusion in the neck.

The vast majority of statements made against the defendants during the trial came from other police officers.

Defense attorneys said despite all the photo and video evidence, nothing shows that the three officers played a role in the beating. They said the charges were based on speculation, lies and innuendos.

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