Nothing goes to waste: St. Louis man takes leftover food bags from giveaways to distribute in his community

ST. LOUIS – A man from South St. Louis works with local organizations to distribute groceries to families and individuals who have problems, all from the comfort of his home.

The entire operation began when Mark Moore realized he could meet a need in his own community by helping larger organizations.

Moore, a photographer and lawn care specialist, struggled with basic needs like in his own home during the pandemic. He participated in a grocery bag giveaway hosted by Pride STL, which works closely with the Urban League.

There were extra bags at the end of the event. Moore took these extra bags and told the organizers he knew people who could use them.

Moore began collecting the leftover groceries from Urban League and Pride STL, fundraising from others in the community, and welcoming those in need to pick up what they needed right on his porch.

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