Nurse arrested for allegedly supplying heroin at suburban St. Louis nursing home | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

FLORISSANT, MO. – Florissant Police are pursuing two overdoses in a nursing home on a worker in the facility.

The worker, a nurse, is accused of delivering heroin to a patient who in turn delivered the medication to the two patients who overdosed at the Crystal Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center.

“We were there for the original call when we learned of the overdoses overnight,” said Officer Steve Michael, a spokesman for the Florissant Police Department.

Officer Michael said the two patients needed to be resuscitated with NARCAN.

He said investigators could connect the patients to another patient who allegedly received the medication from the nurse.

The Crystal Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center offers both short-term and long-term care.

Officer Michael said the nursing home was known for providing good care, but this latest case was troubling.

“It is very worrying that someone in a health care profession is really not there to help. You hurt people who try to get better, ”Michael said.

In a statement to Fox 2, Crystal Creek said officials contacted the police immediately when the incident occurred.

“The health and well-being of our residents and employees are our top priority. We have informed the police about the situation and are fully cooperating with the investigation. We are currently unable to comment as the investigation is ongoing, “said Beth DeFalco, spokeswoman for the Crystal Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center, in the statement.

Charges are pending against the nurse and the patient who allegedly delivered the drugs.

A full recovery is expected from the two overdosed patients.

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