Penned in St. Louis: Claire Applewhite | Books

Town and Country’s Claire Applewhite says two former landmarks always generate strong reactions from St. Louisans: the Coral Court Motel and St. Louis City Hospital. Your new mystery “St. Louis Hustle” includes both. She will speak about her book on May 14th (L&L Dreamspell, 208 pages, $ 15.95).

You revived the trysts at Coral Court? • I was impressed with the clear memories of former motel (and city hospital) visitors and employees. They talked about their experiences as if they had happened recently, and in some cases with great nostalgia. I also realized that almost anything could and did happen in both places.

What year does it take place? • The 90s. The Coral Court Motel was demolished in 1995; City Hospital ceased functioning as a hospital in 1985 (now it houses condominiums).

Who is your character Elvin Suggs? • Elvin is a Vietnam veteran who opens a detective agency in St. Louis. He is also a man who suffered and survived tragedies and losses. The role of his character embodies the theme “St. Louis Hustle”: Resilience.

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