Photos: St. Louis food pantry receives 5,000-item donation from SLU Hospital | News

SSM Health’s St. Louis University Hospital collected over 3,000 non-perishable foods in February as part of an annual grocery drive and donated them to the pantry at Isaiah 58 Ministries just blocks away.

On February 25, 2021 (five days left in the Food Drive), employees and volunteers loaded three truckloads of trucks to drop them off in the church building. “We all have teams,” said Katie Armstrong, Radiology Inventory Coordinator, “I’ve been to the Souperheroes, but there was also a team called ‘Are You Ready?’ … we’re all very excited.”

The Food Drive was held in February to commemorate Black History Month, explained Loretta Davis, co-chair of the hospital’s Mission Action Team. “We had good challenges,” said Davis, “like packing all the food.”

February was the perfect month for donations, said Rev. Brenda Booth, executive director of Isaiah 58 Ministries. “It’s wonderful for us because the first quarter of the year is always a very low time for us to get donations.” Booth stated that many people donate near Christmas but stay off after the holidays. The ministry serves around 600 to 800 guests through the pantry who can pick up groceries a few times a month.

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