Picking the five best St. Louis Cardinals third basemen since 1967

OAKLAND, CA – JUNE 16: Scott Rolen of the St. Louis Cardinals Bats during the game against the Oakland Athletics at McAfee Coliseum in Oakland, California on June 16, 2007. The Cardinals defeated the Athletics 15-6. (Photo by Brad Mangin / MLB Photos via Getty Images)

Who are the St. Louis Cardinals’ best third basemen since 1967? In my opinion, these are the top five.

Why the five best cardinal third-party bases since 1967 and not the best five in their history? Because I’ve seen every third St. Louis Cardinals baseman in person or on television since I became a fan in 1967.

Therefore, this list will not include third basemen before 1967, such as five-time gold glove winner and 1964 NL MVP Ken Boyer or five-time all-star Whitey Kurowski. Big third basemen, but both played in St. Louis before 1967.

In a play earlier this year, MLB.com’s Anne Rogers picked her top five third basemen in Cardinal history, including Boyer and Kurowski.

I have to say, however, that selecting the top five cardinal third-party bases since 1967 was a more complicated process than I thought it would be. Trying to measure offensive production versus defensive ability and determine the weight everyone should be playing has been a challenge.

Some of the third Basemen since 1967 were outstanding offensively but had some defensive flaws. At the same time, I found some who were solid on the defensive but weren’t particularly good offensive weapons while playing for the Cardinals.

Only one really excelled both offensively and defensively. Accordingly, he is at the top of the list. The challenge was to pick two to five.

I used Baseball Reference as my Sabermetrics tool because it measures players as early as 1967 and not all Sabermetrics sites go that far back. As I said, I’ve seen all of these players on the field, so the eye test was my other tool.

So there it is, this is going to be a combination of saber metric and basically my own judgment. Let’s begin.

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