Procure aims to support and empower local women’s businesses

ST. LOUIS – Starting today, The Women’s Creative is hosting a monthly event at the City Foundry to promote women’s businesses in St. Louis.

“Procure has been a female-owned provider market for five years and we’ve had the opportunity to grow and be in different locations around town,” said Christina Weaver, co-creator of The Women’s Creative. “We were virtual last year, so this is our first time in person again.”

Hundreds of people walked through the Procure Marketplace at City Foundry STL to support some of their favorite locally owned women businesses.

Procure offers several providers on the last Sunday of the month.

“We have between 20 and 40 providers, depending on the Sunday, but they differ in terms of product and experience,” said Weaver.

Kim Franks, owner of the Liberated Roots Collection, is grateful for the invitation to share her products.

“… There’s a lot of excitement in the foundry. Much curiosity. It’s huge for me. Very, very effective, ”she said.

Franks had worked for another retailer before deciding to settle down and start her own business.

“This is my first big pop-up event so I’m really excited to be here,” she said.

Procure gives her the opportunity to introduce her brand to new customers.

“If you want to find the best local brands, people know they come here,” Franks said. “So it makes a big difference.”

The salespeople wait patiently as we approach a sense of normalcy. Many have relied on e-commerce and have no real storefronts.

“This gives people a chance to get to know them and then find them digitally and keep shopping with them,” said Weaver.

For the next eight months, they can display the goods for sale in a safe, friendly environment.

“We are limiting the number of people on site to keep everyone safe,” said Weaver. “We also ask for masks and social distancing.”

Procurement takes place on the last Sunday of the month through October in the City Foundry STL.

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