QuikTrip’s Roller Grill and Fountain Drinks to Return to St. Louis City

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  • Roll grill items are missing from a QuikTrip in Dutchtown on April 30th – but they’re coming back.

It hasn’t been quick, but months after returning self-service food and drink to QuikTrips outside of St. Louis City, the company is now announcing that new health orders will allow its locations in the city to re-stock fountain drinks and other self-service items keep – including the delicious and convenient tubular roll grill meat cylinders.

“This is good news for us,” says company spokeswoman Aisha Jefferson-Smith. “At the moment we are waiting for products to arrive as we have of course not received these products since the municipal health mandate came into force.”

In addition to the logistics for shipping the food and beverages themselves, QuikTrip’s locations are also required to put plastic covers over the grill stations – measures that were first implemented last year at locations in St. Louis County and St. Charles.

There are 76 QuikTrips in the St. Louis area, eight of which are within the St. Louis City limits. The sharing of health restrictions made city dwellers miss the popular items as the city maintained its strict pandemic rules on food services.

Meanwhile, QuikTrips in St. Charles County were allowed to start selling self-service food barely a month after the pandemic began in April 2020, while the relaxed restrictions in St. Louis County allowed QuikTrips there to launch its buffet offerings in October, Jefferson said -Smith.

The division between city and county QuikTrips locations wasn’t ideal. She notes that the roll grill items are “a hot seller in our stores”.

But on Monday, St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones and district chief Sam Page appeared at a joint press conference to announce new health orders that lift bar and restaurant capacity restrictions. Although the two Mayors did not specifically discuss QuikTrip, Jefferson-Smith said the May 3 announcement coincided with a “notification” to the company that it may begin aligning its city locations with measures already in its other regional stores were hit.

“The city reflects what the county has created,” she said. “Once we get to the point where we have covers for all of our grill items, we can resell them.”

However, Jefferson-Smith said the company is not yet ready to announce a specific date for the items to be returned. The company evaluates the logistics for resuming food deliveries and the time it takes to make the grill covers.

St. Louis City isn’t the only city that has sorely missed the cheap pleasure of grabbing a steak and cheese taquito or corn dog for the street: In March, Fox4 News in Kansas City reported that the company was finally on ” repeated questions about the return of scooter food and pastries to the Kansas City market. ”

The company’s response came in the form of a two-word statement announced through a Twitter press release: “You’re back.”

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– QuikTrip (@QuikTrip) March 1, 2021

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